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Professional Profile of Caraline, ID: 0366

I am a massage therapist, Aromatherapist and Reiki master teacher. Since October 2002, I have provided acupressure seated massage in situations as diverse as airports, offices and festivals.

I run a private clinic for woman where I offer relaxing aromatherapy massages, with particular interest in supporting woman through pregnancy. I also give Reiki sessions and attunements.

I am happy to discuss each individual specific needs and tailor treatments accordingly, perhaps using several techniques in a single treatment session.

Book now to avoid disappointment, Caraline began work as a professional therapist in 2002, and is normally kept very busy!

Therapies Available:

Aromatherapy, Reiki, Full Body Massage, On-Site Massage, Acupressure,

Locations Available:

Clinic or Therapy Room,

Therapy Room or Clinic - Typical Times Available:

Individual / 1-to-1 Treatment Information:

The standard session price for treatments with Caraline is £49

Caraline is based in St Leonards On Sea, East Sussex.

Caraline may travel up to 16km for a 1 hour treatment.

The Therapy Room or Clinic used by Caraline may not be wheelchair accessible.

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Additional Notes:

Please email us for payment instructions, due to continued failures by PayPal to provide a reasonable payment service.

Notes for Therapy Days or Events:

Caraline may be willing to travel up to 96km for a full day of treatments.

Your Booking:

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