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Professional Profile of Mike, ID: 0352

I have always been described as a calm and balanced person. The kind you just feel relaxed around, whom you can just be yourself with. It felt very natural to train in Holistic Therapies.

I do have experience of stress however, having spent 8 years living and working in New York. I do understand deadlines, pressure. Commitments, stress, worry, tension, back pain and sleeplessness. Most importantly, I know from personal experience how to counter all of those things, how to manage them, and ultimately how to overcome them.

Treating Holistically means looking at all the areas of your life. Your back may hurt, but is that due to posture, that argument with a colleague, or a feeling of ‘carrying too much’? I do not pry. If a massage is all that is required, that is what we will do. If you are interested in exploring some of the possible underlying causes to problems, then we can do that too.

I like to combine treatments where possible, so we may use Massage and Reiki, or Aromatherapy and Hot Stones. Whatever you need, I have a treatment that will help.

Whichever treatment you choose, one thing is for certain. You will feel better. Much better, and soon. Thanks for reading.

Book now to avoid disappointment, Mike began work as a professional therapist in 2003, and is normally kept very busy!

Therapies Available:

Aromatherapy, Reflexology, On-Site Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Stress Management, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Hopi Ear Candles, Hot Stone Therapy,

Locations Available:

Clinic or Therapy Room,

Therapy Room or Clinic - Typical Times Available:

Monday Unavailable
Tuesday 1.30pm- 9pm
Wednesday 1.30pm- 9pm
Thursday Unavailable
Friday Unavailable
Saturday 9am- 1pm
Sunday Unavailable

Individual / 1-to-1 Treatment Information:

The standard session price for treatments with Mike is £49

Mike is based in Sheffield.

The Therapy Room or Clinic used by Mike may not be wheelchair accessible.

Book Now:

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Additional Notes:

Please email us for payment instructions, due to continued failures by PayPal to provide a reasonable payment service.

Notes for Therapy Days or Events:

Mike may be willing to travel up to 64km for a full day of treatments.

Your Booking:

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