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Professional Profile of Jenny-Ann, ID: 0206

Jenny-Ann trained as a ballet dancer and has worked as a professional dancer in musical theatre for many years. She has been massaging for many years and now specialises in working with dancers, actors and singers and the many aches and pains these people have in their work. Jenny-Ann has also suffered a whiplash injury and subsequently migraine and has developed a massage to alleviate these symptoms in other sufferers.

She offers a good deep therapeutic massage as well as relaxation and a general sense of well being. Her many regular clients include people from all walks of life from Hollywood actors, soap stars, and principals in many west end shows, to teacher, doctors and business people.

Jenny also takes onsite massage into the workplace offering a shiatsu based treatment that sends you back to your desk feeling energised and revitalised.

Book now to avoid disappointment, Jenny-Ann began work as a professional therapist in 1998, and is normally kept very busy!

Therapies Available:

Indian Head Massage, Full Body Massage, Reiki, On-Site Massage,

Locations Available:

Mobile Treatments, Clinic or Therapy Room,

Therapy Room or Clinic - Typical Times Available:

Monday - Sunday: 10am - 8pm

Mobile Treatments - Typical Times Available:

Monday - Sunday: 10am - 8pm

Individual / 1-to-1 Treatment Information:

The standard session price for treatments with Jenny-Ann is £49

Jenny-Ann is based in Charlton, London (SE7).

Jenny-Ann may travel up to 12km for a 1 hour treatment.

The Therapy Room or Clinic used by Jenny-Ann may not be wheelchair accessible.

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Additional Notes:

Please email us for payment instructions, due to continued failures by PayPal to provide a reasonable payment service.

Notes for Therapy Days or Events:

Jenny-Ann may be willing to travel up to 40km for a full day of treatments.

Your Booking:

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