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Login to your Secure Account

To view any of your login areas (once registered), please follow the links:

Further extensive online resources are available through these login areas

If you forget your password, or need to sign up for a new account, please contact the Therapy Agency directly.

Business/Workplace Therapy Day Login Areas

If your business has made the provision of our therapies at your place of work, then please select from the relevant options below to login to your account. If you forget any of your login details, please contact your branch manager / facilities manager / human resources manager / or the person assigned responsibility for booking new Therapy Days.

Client Login

For staff working within businesses with our Therapy Days registered: allowing you to view your personal details, view existing bookings, make a new booking, view branch bookings, buy Therapy Credits, and view all future Therapy Days available.

Head Office log in

For the Client Head Office only: allowing you to view or update your contact details, and view, add, or edit the branches you already have registered.

1 to 1 Treatments Login

Client log in

For private individuals: for use when you have previously registered with us by making a booking and choosing to save your details. Use the login page to save retyping all your information for further treatments from our therapists.

Registered Therapists of the Therapy Agency Login

Registered Therapists' log in

For registered therapists of The Therapy Agency: this secure area will allow you to view all your existing and future bookings, for both individuals, and business Therapy Days; modify your personal details and availability notes; make repeat bookings; download further consultation forms; and view exclusive information and guidance to help you in your professional practice.