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How does The Therapy Agency compare?

With massage therapies such a popular image on every major 'gift experience' provision, why should The Therapy Agency's Therapy Vouchers be any different?

  • Treatments can be provided in more locations than any other provider, including your own home!
  • Every therapist has to successfully complete the most detailed application procedure for an agency of this type, so you can be assured or technical expertise and professionalism.
  • The Therapy Agency guarantees quality of every treatment, or your money back and a free treatment!
  • Therapy Vouchers are also cheaper than any other national provider, and for longer treatments than any other retailer!
How much would you love a massage from one of our professional therapists?

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You've probably already seen the range of 'pamper vouchers' advertised on virtually every high street retailer in-store promotion. Have you looked further into exactly what they provide?

Would you prefer to spend £80 on a 30 minute massage in a busy health club in limited locations, or £49 on at least an hour professional massage in your own home with a very carefully selected therapist?

What else sets The Therapy Agency apart?

  • All our therapists go through the most rigorous application and selection process out of any national body in the UK. We recruit each and every therapist directly. Our extensive Code of Ethics and Practice also ensures you are only ever served by the best professionals in the field.
  • We have a range of relaxing Therapy Rooms available throughout the UKWe only specialise in complementary therapies, thus have the widest choice available, without a series of 'middle-men'.
  • We have the largest network of personally selected therapists in the UK, meaning you're not normally far from one of our professionals. Our database is constantly growing.
  • Our unique postcode based therapist locator, enables voucher recipients to view profiles of all our available therapists in their area, and then make their own selection online. The chosen therapist will then contact the recipient personally, to arrange a mutually agreeable time for their therapy session.
  • Our therapists aren't limited to just Health Clubs and Spas, unlike many other voucher companies, many of our therapists will even visit you at your home!
  • As a result of the great working conditions we offer our therapists, you can be assured of enthusiastic, dedicated professionals in all treatments provided.
  • We guarantee quality and we want to hear your thoughts on every treatment we provide. After every treatment booked we'll automatically send you a treatment feedback request.
  • In feedback so far, 99.2% of our clients say they'd recommend our services to others and all have rated our services as 'Good' or 'Excellent'. However, in the highly unlikely event you're not very happy with our service provision, you'll get another treatment voucher free for one of our other therapists, with our compliments. [More information]
  • Our Therapy Vouchers can even be redeemed against the cost of onsite massage treatments in your workplace! [More information]

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How do Therapy Vouchers compare?

The following table compares national providers, showing you just what their deals really include*

Compare our vouchers with the other major resellers
Massage Vouchers The Therapy Agency™ Activity Superstore™ Red Letter Days™ Virgin Experience Days™
Voucher Description: Treatment Vouchers™
Therapy Vouchers™
Alternative Health Treatments
Pamper Treat
Aromatherapy Massage Pick-Me-Up
Voucher Cost: £49
Any value
£49 £49
Typical Hands-on Treatment Length: [minutes] 60 50
50 50
Therapeutic Treatments Offered: Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Full Body Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, + many others... Indian Head Massage, Back Massage, Reflexology, Reiki
Back Massage
Aromatherapy Aromatherapy
Number of Fixed Treatment Locations: 60+ 22
19 19
Type of Location Available: Therapists' Therapy Rooms & Clinics Therapists' Therapy Rooms & Clinics
LivingWell Health & Fitness Clubs
LivingWell Health & Fitness Clubs Spirit Health Clubs in Holiday Inn Hotels, & Relaxation Centres
Home Visits Available: Yes      
Onsite Workplace Treatments Offered: Yes      
Postcode Search Facility:

Secure Online Voucher Purchasing Service: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phoneline Purchasing Service: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Secure Online Voucher Redemption Service: Yes   Sometimes  
Phoneline Voucher Redemption Service: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Client Choice of Therapist: Full profile preview including therapists' photos and personal descriptions. Choice limited to location Choice limited to location Choice limited to location
Typical Minimum Expiration Dates: 6-12 months 9-12 months 6 months 6 months
Personal & Professional Liability Insurance: £2,000,000+ £50,000 £50,000 £50,000
See their website: More Info More Information More Info More Information More Info More Information More Info More Information

Yes = Option Available.   Sometimes = Available for some options.   No = Option Not Currently Available.

*Information correct as of 25th November 2005.



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