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Promotional Codes for your campaign or business gift

Would you like a single voucher code that can be shared with all your members, or used as part of a product promotion, for money off professional massage treatments in each client's own home?

  • Promotional Codes are unique 6 character codes, registered just for your business or flexible benefit scheme requirements, and can be used as many times as you like.
  • Promotional Codes can be set to any value, for redemption against any of our individual booking requests. They can be re-activated or de-activated at any time.
Bring our professional massage therapies into your home

For more information on how your Promotional Codes can be maximise your business, do contact us for free information.

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Promotion Codes are purchased by a number of businesses who wish to provide subsidised discounts on professional therapeutic treatments by The Therapy Agency. These are used as part of marketing campaigns (such as with FMCGs - Fast Moving Consumer Goods), as part of product incentives, and with staff & partner discount schemes for national and regional companies.

Professional massage therapies in your home, or at your local clinicEach promotion code can be redeemed multiple times without invalidation, and usage of each promotion code can be very easily monitored for usage. Businesses can therefore provide subsidised access to our services, an just pay for their usage when redeemed.

Promotion Codes also allow easy distribution to staff (ie via email, posters, etc.) without the need to distribute physical gift vouchers, if this is your preference.

The set-up administration fee is just £95 plus usage as appropriate. We link all promotional code usage with unique booking reference numbers so each booking can be traced for your records.

Physical 'Promotion Code Vouchers' can also be made available (based on our Therapy Voucher template, the same size as a £50 note), for a small additional fee per voucher.