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Price Guide

How much do you think your friends and family will appreciate a professional massage treatment brought to their own home?

  • You can buy a voucher for as much or as little as you like, from £5, to £200 in single vouchers.
  • All vouchers brought through this website can be redeemed against private treatments for you in your own home, or for treatments in your workplace.
  • You can purchase a single 'treatment voucher' which can be given to your chosen recipient, for at least a one hour treatment with any of our available therapists across the UK.
How much is an amazing gift voucher worth to you?

For more information about our pricing options, please view the 'purchase therapy vouchers' page.

Vouchers can be purchased 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks a year, through this website.

For comparisons of our Therapy Vouchers in relation to other massage vouchers you can purchase on the high-street, please view our 'voucher comparison page'