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How our Gift Therapy Vouchers work

Do you have queries about the purchase of Gift Therapy Vouchers for yourself or others?

  1. You choose how many vouchers you wish to purchase, either securely through this website, or by phone to us.
  2. You pay us by credit card, debit card, or by cheque.
  3. The vouchers are posted out pronto. Either directly to you, or directly to them (in which case, you might want to tell us a few words you want us to send to them in the package, so they know who it came from!).
  4. Your chosen recipient gets the voucher(s) in a nice little gift case ('pillow pack'), with full redemption details on the reverse, and are very happy.
  5. Your chosen recipient goes online and makes a choice of their local therapist, or they phone The Therapy Agency, and we can make the booking for them.
  6. Their chosen therapist contacts the recipient directly, and arranges a mutually agreeable time at the location of their choice.
  7. The therapeutic session goes brilliantly. They thank you lots and lots for such a wonderful and thoughtful present.
  8. You decide to make a booking for yourself too, giving begins at home after all!
Bring a professional massage into your home

For one-to-one information on how our Therapy Vouchers can be purchased and redeemed, do contact us.

Email getincontact{-at-}

All of our vouchers come with full redemption details on the reverse of each voucher for easier reference. For your information however, the following guidelines may be of benefit:

How our Therapy Vouchers can be redeemed

Therapy Vouchers can be redeemed in up to three ways (please see the reverse of your voucher more information about its potential for redemption):

Combined Therapy Vouchers

These are the standard vouchers issued, when purchased online through The Therapy Agency website, or by phone to us on the number above. These Therapy Vouchers can be redeemed against both Individual Treatments (of typically one hour in length), or against the cost of Therapy Credits for on-site treatments within your workplace.

Business Only Therapy Vouchers

These vouchers are sometimes purchased by businesses, who wish to provide gifts for staff who already have an unsubsidised placement in their workplace. Thus, vouchers can be redeemed against the cost of Therapy Credits for onsite bookings.

Business Therapy Vouchers can also be redeemed against the cost of booking an onsite placement 'Therapy Day' with one of our registered therapists.

Individual Only Therapy Vouchers

These vouchers are often purchased wholesale by retail outlets and distributors, and can only be redeemed against the value of individual one hour treatments booked through the Find a Local Complementary Therapist web pages.

More things to do with our Therapy Vouchers

Therapy Vouchers are available in a multitude of denominations, and are typically valid for around 6 months from the date of purchase (to help encourage rapid redemption to gain the most benefit), however, for special promotions, vouchers can issued with dates to exceed this length (up to 12 months, or sometimes more).