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Frequently asked questions to the Therapy Agency

If you have questions about what happens next, we've put together a range of information with many of the common questions asked by therapists at the application stage.

Our range of answers to the most frequently asked questions by therapist enquiries

We have a wide range of answers to many of the most common questions we're asked by therapists, below.

Please review these before getting in contact as a therapist.

This page has been compiled with many of the questions we're often asked by therapists, at various stages during their application process. Please check the questions and answers below, before using our contact form to the right of each page.


While Working:

Other Questions:


How do I apply?

Please go to our Applications Page to print out a copy of our current Application form, to return back to us with the relevant supplementary information.

Do I need to pay anything to join the Therapy Agency?

No, there are no charges to join the Therapy Agency™. The only cost to yourself is the time it will take to complete our application process, and the standard postage to send each document to us.


We know of companies and other 'therapy accreditation bodies' attempting to charge between £50 and £250 per year, just to add you to their database (either digital, website, or paper-based). These typically offer no expectation of work provision unless you find the work on their behalf, under their name.

As therapists ourselves, we don't believe this is a fair situation to put you in. As a consultant or freelancer in any other sector, you wouldn't normally be prepared to pay an agency to put you on their books, so why should this business sector be any different?

Of course, as you will remain a sub-contractor rather than an employee of the Therapy Agency, we do expect you to provide the equipment you need for therapies that you propose to practice on our behalf. This may include massage chairs and tables, towels, oils and couch-roll, public liability insurance, etc.

Why is the application so in depth?

The Therapy Agency's reputation is critical to our business. When we find you opportunities of work, or when we recommend you to carry out any form of treatment session, you will be representing the Therapy Agency. Our clients expect the highest standards, and you will therefore have to undergo a selection process to ensure that we have confidence that you are able to carry out your role with the level of professionalism and excellence that our clients have come to expect.

Why include your CV?

We also have an obligation to ensure that all your professional qualifications are up to date, that you carry full public liability insurance for all therapies carried out, and that you agree to abide by our full terms & conditions, as well as our Codes of Ethics and Practice.

In addition, the more we know about you, the easier it is for us to find you a suitable placement that matches your background and skills, and the easier it is for us to maintain our position as the leading supplier of complementary therapists throughout the UK.

It's also what our clients demand!

What qualifications are you looking for?

The type of qualifications we're looking for vary on their treatment, although of course massage therapies are our main treatment provision.

Generally if the qualification is accredited by ITEC or IIHHT, at an NVQ level 3 or above, and are insurable, then these would typically be suitable.

Distance learning courses are not accepted.

However, in addition to qualifications, we look for far more in your application to check your suitability for working on our behalf.

Why do I need to include a copy of my CV?

Firstly, because we are interested in the route each of you have taken to reach your current position as a professional therapist. We need to ensure that you fulfil our selection criteria and that we have confidence in your ability to represent the Therapy Agency in a professional capacity.

Secondly, because as our clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds and business types, it can often prove useful to supply therapists with a similar background, for example:

  • if you've spent 15 years as a PA in a particular type of company, then it would seem advisable to offer you work providing on-site therapies where the business client is of a similar type.
  • if you've spent substantial time working in a particular sport or event, then any therapy work at similar events in the future would make you more suitable for such a placement.

Why do I need to include copies of my brochures and cards?

It is always useful to see how you present yourself to prospective clients, because your advertising literature can often reflect on how you work.

Why do I need to supply photos?

We do fully appreciate that the quality of your therapy work is not dependant of how you look. However, as we are unable to provide a face-to-face interview in most cases, we do need to ensure you are presentable, approachable and professional in your appearance.

Our therapists have the option of a photograph as part of their profile on our website. We are working in such a trust-based business that potential new individual clients may want to be able to 'see you' before they will feel confident about making a booking over the internet.

Some of our promotional and corporate clients also have requests we need to respect, and images we need to represent. For example, you may have a personal image that is not suitable for our corporate work with top executives at our large blue chip companies but would be ideal for our music and rock events.

Similarly, when our therapists are out and about doing promotional work and Therapy Days™, we do need to ensure that their personal image fits the type of promotion, in that they seem approachable to potential clients.

We prefer therapists to smile in their photos. Smiling will help us and your potential clients to see you as approachable, and as a real person beyond the description of yourself. You can view a little more information here on your photos or on smiling.

Do I need to supply a photo of the clinic I work from?

Therapy Clinic

Yes. Because we can't come out and visit all the locations you work at no cost to yourself, we do need to ensure as much as possible, all reasonable steps are taken to ensure your Therapy Room or Clinic is clean, well laid out, suitable, and maintains our high standards for professionalism. Please note, you may also need to carefully check your home insurance policy if you are working from a Therapy Room at home, as business clients visiting your home can often incur a higher premium rate, or void certain sections of your policy.

As you may also see from our therapist's profiles in our Search for a Therapist section, these photos will also be displayed on freely on your enhanced listing.

What should my personal photo look like?

For your primary photo (the one that appears in the initial search results for potential clients) we ask for a portrait style photo of your head and shoulders wearing what you would normally wear to give a treatment.

One of the most important things for you to do in this photo is smile! If you find it challenging to smile at a camera, please read our section in Healthy Living on Smiling. You will be able to add new photos, and update your primary photo later.

For more information, please read our page in the application section on your photos.

What should my personal profile include?

If your application is successful, the personal profile on your initial application form will become part of your enhanced online profile through our Search for a Therapist facilities.

This profile section provides you with an opportunity to sell yourself to potential clients via the Therapy Agency website, demonstrating your personality, passion, and style of working.

For more information about writing your personal profile, please view the page in the application section on Your Personal Profile.

What if my insurance certificate doesn't show my therapies?

We understand that some insurance providers don't always have a policy of displaying the therapies you are insured to practice on their insurance documentation.

Therapy CertificatesTo keep the costs of your application as low as possible, we're not expecting you to gain an additional copy where an additional charge is made (for people like the FHT). In such cases, a copy of your up to date cover note should be fine. We can confirm with the FHT (or similar organisations as applicable) as we require, the therapies you are insured to practice, through the supply of your membership number.

Other insurance brokers, such as Towergate, Embody, etc, can also sometimes have similar policies on what is listed on the cover-note If you have difficulties getting a therapy breakdown with any other company, please contact us to discuss the details.

What are the typical postage charges on my application?

There is no need to send your application recorded delivery, but you do need to ensure you have adequate postage to cover the mailing charges.

Generally, using three second class stamps, will provide first class postage up to 250g, for an envelope no larger than a sheet of A4 (<25mm thick). This size and weight is usually adequate for most initial applications to the Therapy Agency.

Now, under Royal Mail's new postage policy, a single first or second class stamp will now allow postage of weights up to 100g (<A5, <5mm thick), but this often isn't enough for many postal applications.

If in doubt please use the higher postage allowances. Unless you are very sure, please do not send your application with only a single stamp on the envelope (first or second class), as in the past this has always been underpaid, and we do not accept underpaid mail.

The policy of Royal Mail is to return underpaid items to the sender in about 3 weeks from sending. We won't have known your application was returned to the sender, and therefore should you wish to resend your application with sufficient postage, we look forward hearing from you.

For clear up-to-date postage charges information, please visit the Royal Mail Website.

How will I know you've received my application?

Our priority is in getting work for our existing therapists which can sometimes significantly delay the processing of your application. We do not acknowledge applicaitons received.

If your application is of sufficient quality, after initial processing, treatment evaluation forms will be sent to you to be completed by some of your existing clients. When these forms are returned, you may then be offered an interview with one of our recruitment team and your references will be followed up.

If you sent us an initial application more than a couple of months ago, ensured this was covered by the correct postage for the weight, and ensured all the required supplementary information was included, then it's likely your details are in order, but we haven't yet been able to set aside the time to process it.

Unfortunately, some applications are lost on the way to us, which is out of our control.

Will you contact my referees?

Yes, we will contact referees in all cases after your interview. Please ensure that your referees are employers, former employers or tutors and do not give your private clients as referees.

Before your interview takes place we also require a minimum of three of our treatment evaluation forms to be completed by your existing clients. These forms will be sent to you for completion on receipt of your application form.

Do you Interview Applicants?

Yes. Each application undergoes an initial selection process and therapists who are selected will be interviewed before a final decision is made.

Do I need to have had years of experience to be considered to work for the Therapy Agency?

Although the relevant qualifications are important to us. If you have been trained, and are qualified to work as a professional therapist, then we regard that as you are trained and qualified to work as a professional therapist!

Although 'x' years of experience in complementary therapies can be very useful in many ways, and may be useful in your application, we often interview newly qualified therapists who we consider are far more professional and suitable to work as a professional therapist, than some of those who've been doing it for 15 years.

So no, so long as your qualifications are suitable, and you as a person are suitable (as discovered by our entire application process), then the number of years' experience post-qualification is not as important.

While Working:

Will I be an employee?

No. In order to provide you with the best service we can, unless otherwise implicitly stated, you will remain self-employed at all times. You will be working for the Therapy Agency on a subcontractor/freelance basis much as you probably carry out most of your therapy work now.

This means you will maintain responsibility for calculating your Tax and National Insurance contributions in relation to the work carried out in addition to your other work. You will still need to maintain your own professional indemnity insurance and up-to-date qualifications where applicable. You may also wish to consider taking out private health insurance, pension cover, etc.

We do not make any tax or PAYE deductions to your earnings. In exceptional circumstances we may offer traveling expenses at our discretion.

How will I know you have work available for me?

We are normally contacted at least a few weeks prior to the start of a business contract, however, in certain cases, requests are made just a week before, or occasionally just a few hours before when a health club or planned event has had a last minute drop out.

Having work available

Once we have secured an appropriate business placement we will generally contact you by email. In your freelance position, you are then free to either accept the work, or decline at that time. However, if you do accept, you are then under obligation to follow this work contract through in full and to the best of your abilities.

If any unforeseen circumstances arise which prevent you from doing so, you will be contractually obliged to inform us as soon as possible, and make alternative arrangements so that placement is filled successfully with one of our other registered therapists.

If an individual is seeking a treatment session with you, you will be automatically contacted by email through our online computer booking system, and sometimes via a text message will also be sent to your mobile phone number. It is essential therefore, that you keep our record of your email address up-to-date and check your emails at least every two days. You will be invited to communicate directly with the client to arrange a mutually agreeable date and time etc. This must be done within a couple of days of the original booking request, otherwise the treatment may be cancelled automatically.

With charity events, certain work opportunities, certain specific requirements, and some other larger campaigns, we may post details temporarily on our secure news page. We may also send out an email notification to all our therapists on our email database as this is our most cost effective, and environmentally sound method of communication.

How do I arrange my timetable? And what happens if I'm not available?

Your standard hours of availability will be shown with your enhanced profile, and on the booking screen for all individual treatments. Each potential client can then indicate their preferred treatment time and date from those available, and an email will be sent to you informing you of their request.

You will then contact the client directly to arrange the specific time and date, and will confirm that time and date with the Therapy Agency. Then confirmation emails will be sent to both parties along with your location notes where applicable.

Full day bookings are always arranged by phone or email, directly with the admin team at the Therapy Agency. You will be asked for your availability and can check your diary directly.

If you are not available for a short time because of other commitments, then you can also update a specific notes section from your own specific secure area. This will immediately show in your online profile. Other changes can also be made upon request through the same secure area. For safety reasons, we recommend that you do not indicate periods away from home in your profile as it viewable by the public and third-parties may have your home address.

What Consultation Forms do you use prior to treatment?

pdf document image

Our consultation forms (both in digital, and paper form) are designed to be easily and quickly completed prior to each treatment session. When you are working within businesses, trade fairs and events where access to our online forms are not fully available, we will send you a suitable number of forms prior to the session or event with your briefing pack where applicable. Additional forms can also be downloaded from your secure members section of the website and printed out from home.

Under legal requirements, we are obliged to maintain a copy of all consultation records for up to 5 years after the treatment, for all therapies carried out on our behalf. For longer term workplace placements, secure storage will normally be provided at the location, thus consultation forms and treatment records can be shared between each therapist. Similarly, if one therapist is unable to attend for one day, an alternative therapist will be able to pick up from where they left off.

For on-site massage therapies at workplaces and events, consultation forms can normally be given to clients in advance of their treatment, to be completed while they're waiting for their treatment to begin.

What about touting for new business while working with the Therapy Agency?

We do have to ensure that any therapists are not to be found 'touting' for private business while on location with the Therapy Agency. This is partly because feedback demonstrates this to be detrimental to the apparent professionalism of the therapist, but also because we need to ensure that we are in a financial position to reward our therapists fairly for the work they do.

We have various measures in place to ensure that our therapists are not found to be in breech of subsequent commission payments for repeat private bookings first made through the Therapy Agency.

Our continued aim is to ensure the highest standards from our therapists at all times, excellent opportunities for long-term growth, and provide a professional reputation for the way we do business.

What happens with leads I gain for work, while working on behalf of the Therapy Agency?

If you are working on behalf of the Therapy Agency in an on-site placement within a workplace or event, and a potential client enquires about individual treatments (for example, a 1 hour Aromatherapy Session), you will need to direct the enquiry through our website. To help protect your privacy, and because you are working on our behalf, we ask that any further bookings be made through the site.

The potential client should be able to find you easily enough through our Search for a Therapist section, and as each therapist is listed by postcode, it's likely that you're details and photo will be displayed within the first couple of pages. Each client can then make a secure booking through our secure servers, allowing you to arrange your timetable in the most effective way from your hours available.

What about repeat bookings with the same client?

After a first individual booking and appointment originally fully arranged through the Therapy Agency site, should you wish, you may then be able to share your contact information with the client. Further bookings can then be made directly with you.

Massage Treatments with Clients

We expect our clients to be so pleased with their treatment that they'll want to book further sessions with you, and all we ask is just 15% of the face value you arrange with your client (ie a £35 treatment will require a £5.25 commission payment for each subsequent treatment). Follow up treatments are normally to be recorded by yourself on the Therapy Agency site to ensure accuracy, and are based on honesty by each therapist.

All subsequent recommendations for individual treatments from this client to their partner, friends and family are then at just 10% commission.

However, for corporate and event bookings gained through our service, we do again ask that you redirect enquiries back through to our website or our main office.

As a result of many years of research, planning, feedback groups, and conversations with our therapists, we see this as the fairest way we can arrange to look after both therapists like yourself, and to ensure that we can stay in business ourselves.

How much money do you take for typical work opportunities?

As you, the therapist, are the person at the person representing the Therapy Agency in our opportunities, we firmly believe that we need to pay you a respectable wage for the work carried out.

We know that some Health Clubs and Spas pay as little as the minimum wage per hour, while charging the client around £65+ per hour. Obviously overheads need to be covered and can be more comprehensive than they first appear, but we believe such an imbalance is ridiculous and leads to poor morale, poor professionalism and high turnover of staff. (Recent research has shown therapists often remain at these locations for no more than a few months.)

Typical Payment Details

We believe that our therapists deserve to be rewarded with most of the face value treatment cost. Our regular day rate is generally around £150 per Therapy Day (around 75% of the day rate value for a regular placement). The remaining sum available then goes a little way towards the costs of our costly website, recruitment costs, overheads, tax, VAT, business insurance, and transaction charges.

For other placements arranged on a multiple hourly rate, then the rate is normally around £20-£30 per hour, with additional travel sometimes available in exceptional cases.

For single hourly treatment at your therapy room location, or as a mobile treatment, (ie with one-off individuals) the rate to yourself is also at around £25-£30 per treatment for the first session, and 85% of treatment costs for subsequent sessions booked directly with yourself.

We have invested tens of thousands of pounds, and thousands of development hours into building this substantial business. Clearly we do need to recover our investment over time. However, we're not out to make a 'fast buck' by taking as much money as we can wherever we can from anyone we can. We believe that by working to ensure everyone gains a fair deal, in all stages of the business, we will ensure that 'what goes around, comes around' and that the Therapy Agency will continue to grow, develop and reward all of its staff, therapists and clients.

Without its ability to offer respect to both you and our clients, the value of our business wouldn't be of much worth to anyone.

How do I get paid?

After each Therapy Day™, event, or promotion, you will need to send us an invoice along with copies of your consultation records (when this is a short term placement) and feedback sheets for the work carried out on our behalf. We require this digitally by email, to help speed up the process for you, and to help reduce our environmental impact.

Getting Paid

We will then send the required payment to the account via a BACS payment, sending an email to also confirm payment.

We now longer provide payments via cheque.

We send full payment as soon as we can after receipt of your invoice, usually as soon as we receive payment from the client. Our credit terms with clients are normally between 14 and 28 days from the placement with each client, so payment to each therapist is usually received by each therapist around 21 days from the event.

If there is any problem with invoicing or payment, please contact us.

We also respect and adhere to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, and the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002, which if payments are delayed beyond an agreed period, may entitle you to interest payments and compensation claims.

How much could I typically expect to earn per year working with the Therapy Agency?

Due to the flexible nature of the work opportunities with the Therapy Agency, some of our therapists are working every week, up to a few days per week with the Therapy Agency, whereas others may only get one or two bookings per year if that.

The amount of work depends on a number of factors, from your location in relation to our new work opportunities, how many opportunities we get in your area, the size of those opportunities, and your suitability for each placement (including the qualifications and professional therapy equipment you may have, such as an on-site massage chair).

Although we have a database of thousands of companies we're currently negotiating with, from around the UK, you can help us by directing our sales & marketing team to particular companies in your area who you know are likely to be in a position to utilise services by the Therapy Agency now. If this is the case, please do contact us.

I live in anywheretown, how much work could I expect to get living in that area?

Typically if you live in an area of a dense population (such as one of the major cities) then you could in theory be offered more opportunities than someone in a very rural and remote area, although of course in built up areas we may also have more therapists in that area to choose from.

UK Map

It's therefore impossible for us to say who will be able to get more work, and how much work you'll get by living in a certain area. Unfortunately we can't even take a calculated guess.

Once registered, you can help us to help you, if you know of a particular business or business park you think would greatly benefit from onsite massage therapies. Similarly, making your online profile as great as you can, will also help to increase your bookings for individual 1-to-1 treatments.

Although we are already targeting thousands of businesses across the UK, our sales team can on occasion, look at targeting businesses in that area particularly as appropriate if we have something new to offer them.

Alternatively, if you know of particular networking or interest groups in your area we may be able to target with our range of Therapy Vouchers, do let us know.

I'd like to give up my normal day job and become a therapist full time. Can I do this?

Most of the registered therapists we work with, generally maintain a part time job to help support their vocation as a complementary therapist. It's very rare for a new therapist to be able to start up a new full time career in complementary therapies straight away.

Giving up your day job?

We therefore do recommend you don't fully 'give up the day job' unless you're lucky to be able to support yourself through other income revenues (such as a partner who can support you, a property portfolio that requires little management, a good savings account, etc.).

For many therapists, it can take years to build up a sufficient client base to enable you to do complementary therapies full time. The UK market is thankfully changing, but it's taking time to fully integrate into society as a standard that each person regularly receives a complementary therapy session with their local therapists. Of course as the market demand increases, so does the number of therapists able to meet the increasing demand.

What would I be expected to wear whilst working for the Therapy Agency?

For on-site work at events, trade-fairs, and within businesses, we also require our therapists to wear a suitable tunic or well-fitted shirt or t-shirt, sometimes with one of our name badges.

Unfortunately we are unable to supply uniforms free of charge. This is due to your work status, and the significant cost of administration (given that you know best what particular style suits you and are more likely to feel comfortable in your own clothes).

Other Questions:

What if a disability is restricting my access to your site or opportunities with the Therapy Agency?

We have tried to ensure this website adheres to the various accessibility standards. Please get in touch however if you are having challenges and we can then discuss a suitable way forward.

What if I have any other questions?

Then please do get in contact with us immediately, by any of the routes shown on the contact us page. We'll do the best we can to answer them for you, and where appropriate, make alterations to this FAQ's page.