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The Therapy Agency - for therapists

The Therapy Agency is the national therapy company developed for therapists by therapists. Our philosophy is based upon our own experiences. We know how valuable complementary therapies are, and we know that the therapists who work for us deserve professional status, respect, support and fair remuneration.

Contact the Therapy Agency

With any questions, please check our 'Questions Answered' web pages before contacting us through the 'Contact Us' form.

As a Therapy Agency therapist you can:

  • Access both individual and business clients to complement your existing income. We do the marketing, organisation and negotiation on your behalf, and you can benefit from our established name, nation-wide structure, successful expansion strategy and wealth of business experience and knowledge.
  • Remain in controlBe properly rewarded for the work you do. We have a fair remuneration policy, and believe that as you will be carrying out most of the work, you should receive most of the net value. Plus we only take commission for the work you do, so joining us is free and you will not be required to pay any annual subscription charges.
  • Remain in control. You will be free to accept or reject the corporate opportunities we offer you and to specify the hours and days of the week you'd like to be available to work for our individual clients. You will remain self-employed, enabling you to continue to work with your established client-base in addition to taking advantage of opportunities from The Therapy Agency.
  • End the isolation of working alone. Our therapists often work in teams, and have exclusive rights to use the therapists' section of our website which we are developing into a source of inspiration, information, support and contact. We will encourage your continuing professional development and if you have any difficulties along the way, we're here to help.
  • Be part of the enthusiastic, results-oriented company that is at the leading edge of its field. The Therapy Agency was the first direct provider of complementary therapies to work on a national level, and we are currently the only provider with a highly sophisticated online booking and payment system for both businesses and individuals. We employ innovation, attention to detail, quality and integrity and have developed a reputation for excellence.