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Price Guide for our Complementary Therapies

Each of the therapy sessions with our therapists, have the price clearly displayed alongside each treatment within the search for a therapist results screens and enhanced listings. This is normally £49 for the first treatment.

How much do the treatments costs?

How much is your health worth to you?

Professional Treatments and a professional priceOur standard sessions are charged at around £49 for a 60 minute session (including the initial free consultation where appropriate). You may find however, that certain treatments may be charged at a slightly different rate, due to the cost of certain consumable materials required during the treatment, the higher cost of equipment hire for particular treatments, or the particularly increased investment by the therapist for the specialisation of the chosen technique.

We pride ourselves on providing the lowest rates we can to you the client, whilst paying our therapists the highest rates available for them to carry out the session. In this way, we hope what goes around comes around, and clients will continue to recommend us to others, and the therapists will maintain the highest levels of service to each client, staying happy in working for The Therapy Agency for a long time into the future.