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Mystery Shopping with the Therapy Agency

Would you like to have free or discounted massage treatments, just for giving your feedback?

Apply to work with us as a mystery shopper, and you could be doing just that.

How it works as a mystery shopper

Are you an excellent observer who enjoys the benefits of great complementary therapy treatments?

As part of the recruitment and application process for all our therapists, each applicant has to provide us with detailed feedback from at least three of their existing clients.

Of course, as much as we'd also like to go and visit each therapist directly to try a treatment for ourselves, unfortunately it's just not really practical for us to do so, running a national agency as we do.

We're therefore looking to employ various professionals around the UK, to receive treatments from therapists who are applying to work for us, and provide us with detailed feedback about each treatment they received (following a clear tick sheet of questions we'll provide to you).

Some of these treatments could be completely free, others may be provided at a heavily discounted rate, in order to randomly check various treatments from our therapists in a process of continuous peer review throughout their career with us.

If you have a background in complementary therapies yourself (preferably as a professional therapist and/or therapy teacher, or as a regular client), and if you're honest, trustworthy, reliable, and with excellent observation skills, we'd love to hear from you.