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How it works

In general, you'll get told of the mystery shopping opportunity, you choose to accept it, you get a professional massage, and then you tell us all about it!

How it works as a mystery shopper

Would you like to have free or discounted massage treatments, just for giving your feedback?

Further information about each opportunity will be told to you in any briefing document. In general though, the following will apply:

  1. This job involves receiving a treatment from our complementary therapists. This therapist will either be a new applicant that we need to check their quality of work, or an already registered therapist that we would like to check on their ongoing performance.
  2. You can choose to evaluate therapist either by visiting their clinics or ask them to visit your home, depending upon their availability.
  3. You can choose the time that is convenient to you (that of course is also mutually agreeable with the therapist, as with all individual bookings).
  4. The Therapy Agency will send you details of the proposed location of the therapy, and the type of therapy we'd like you to receive. This communication to you will either be via email, text messages or phone call. Then you will need to reply us, confirming whether if you accept the assignment or not.
  5. Regular access to your own private email account is a must.
  6. You must have excellent observation and recording skills, a good memory, professional knowledge of complementary therapies, be highly effective at administration, and of course excellent communication skills.


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