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Your Questions, Answered

If you have questions about what happens next, we've put together a range of information with many of the common questions asked.

Answers to many of the questions we're asked, can be found below

Do contact us with any other queries you may have.

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This page has been compiled with many of the questions we're often asked in regard to our mystery shopping. Just select from any of the options below to view more information:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the mystery shopper have to pay for the treatment?

In some cases, when we are looking to check the ongoing performance of our therapists, then we do sometimes ask for you to part subsidise the cost of the session (at a considerable discount to our normal treatment rate). In such cases, you will be issued with a unique Therapy Voucher code, enabling you to make a booking through the Therapy Agency website much like any normal booking.

If we are reviewing the application of a new therapist, then these treatments will typically be provided freely to the mystery shopper, in exchange for completing a detailed evaluation for the treatment.

Does the mystery shopper get paid to do the mystery shopping?

Due to the nature of the mystery 'shopping' required with the Therapy Agency, when receiving professional treatments from our therapists (either in the application process, or the process of ongoing monitoring), shoppers will not be paid an additional payment to receive a treatment.

However, as the treatments can be free to the shopper (as described above) we have received a great deal of feedback that these reduced price, or free sessions are payment enough for providing the feedback on the session.

As detailed in the application form, for mystery shopping other than those directly within the Therapy Agency, then depending upon the opportunity, there may be a payment available for the mystery shopper, which will be explained to you at the time of your opportunity notification.

Are travel expenses covered?

Unfortunately because of the national structure of our mystery shoppers, then in most cases, travel expenses are not covered. You will be advised specifically if this is any different, prior to any opportunity though

How long many working hours are there per day?

Generally, we advise to allow around 1.5 hours per therapeutic session, to allow for time to set up the couch, complete an initial medical consultation, provide the treatment, and then clean everything away at the end of the session (particularly for treatments in your own home). It's then likely you'll spend up to around 20 minutes completing our feedback form, and sending it back to us by post or email.

For more information about a typically individual treatment please view our treatment guide.

What is the furthest travel distance I'd be expected to travel for one treatment?

On your application, we ask you to specify how far you'd be willing to travel for a one hour session. Therefore we will normally try to find you opportunities within this distance, so please think about that carefully. (The distance is calculated at a straight radius from your home, rather than calculated as physical travel distance along winding roads).

Is there any training provided?

There will not be any direct training as such. However, full details on what to record, and what to feed-back will be described on the feedback forms you will use to evaluate the treatments. Of course should you have any other queries not answered we should able to answer this for you personally, and update this page as appropriate.

If I am already a registered therapist with The Therapy Agency, can I still be a mystery shopper?

Yes, certainly. Please complete our standard application form for a mystery shopper, also describing on your covering letter your current registered therapist ID number so we can find your details more easily.


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