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In the future, your user-account will also allow you to access a number of other services, exclusive to our registered clients. You will be notified in due course of such developments as they occur.

To book another complementary therapy session with any of our therapists, please use our Search for a Therapist online service facility now.

Further extensive online resources are available through these login areas

If you forget your password, or need to sign up for a new account, please contact the Therapy Agency directly.

If you have already booked a session with one of our therapists and you have chosen to have your details saved, you will have given a username and preferred password at the time of your booking. Your username is normally the email address used at the time of your booking, your password was your choice of word or phrase provided at the time of your registration.

You account details can be used the next time you make a booking with any other therapist of The Therapy Agency, in order to prevent you having to re-type the majority of your personal and contact information again.

If you have not yet registered your details with The Therapy Agency Service, you can register your details on the link below, or just find yourself a booking with one of our therapists.

If you already have one of our therapists coming into your workplace, and you wish to make a booking by signing in to your secure account, please use this link, or follow the links to 'your account' from our main home page.