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What sets our professional therapists apart?

As the largest direct provider of complementary therapies throughout the UK to a the widest choice of locations, we carefully select our professional therapists to strict selection criteria.

All of our therapists:

  • have gained recognised qualifications in each therapy they practice;
  • maintain full, up- to-date, valid insurance;
  • complete the most detailed application procedure;
  • are carefully interviewed by one of our specialist recruitment team;
  • have references and feedback from previous clients closely examined;
  • sign up to our comprehensive Code of Ethics and Practice;
  • have access to our ongoing support and advice;
  • are continually assessed by The Therapy Agency.
Our therapists are the best in the industry

Would you like a treatment right now?

When you're putting your health into somebody's hands you need to be sure that they have the skills, knowledge, experience and commitment to ethics that you've a right to expect. Our therapists come from a range of backgrounds and from all ages, so wherever you are in the UK, there's likely to be someone near you who be able to provide you with an excellent massage treatment.


Keeping certificates up to date

All of our therapists have gained recognised qualifications in each therapy they practice. These are typically to NVQ level 3 or 4 where applicable.

Unlike many 'registration bodies' however, we don't accept the prolific weekend taster courses as valid training for professional provision.

All of our therapists also need to have a good understanding of A+P (Anatomy & Physiology), whatever their treatment provision.

Qualifications alone however are not enough.


Every therapist must maintain full, up-to-date, valid insurance for each therapy they practice, which is automatically monitored by our sophisticated database system.

This pulic liablility insurance is backed up by the Therapy Agency's own additional professional indemnity insurance, should the unlikely ever happen.

The most detailed application form:

Our exceptional recruitment standards

The Therapy Agency has one of the most detailed application forms, which checks not just for professional experience, but a wide range of skills and qualifications we look for in all our therapists at all levels.

We reject more therapists than we accept. Our recruitment standards have commended by medical professionals, industry leaders, government departments, and even the therapists themselves!

Our recruitment standards are even higher than so called 'professional registration bodies', and are higher than the proposed self-regulation standards by the Princes Trust.

Interviewing each and every one of our therapists:

Each and every therapist who successfully passes our initial application procedures must still be successful at our direct interview stage. This professionally structured and detailed interview challenges all who attempt it.

Even by our standards, we don't accept average applicants. Each therapist must shine at the interview stage to be considered for any future opportunity with us.

References and client feedback:

As part of the application procedure, each therapist must supply structured feedback from their existing client base, directly to ourselves.

The Therapy Agency then also follows up with additional professional references, to double check all the feedback we've received so far.

Photographic evidence:

Professional Therapy Rooms

To help keep things personal, we also request photographs from all our therapists; both of themselves, and the treatment rooms they plan to work. Some of these photos are then displayed with each therapist's online profile through our selected searchable database.

Getting a professional massage isn't just about location, but much more it's about the real people.

Our Code of Ethics and Practice:

Working with industry experts, the Therapy Agency developed a unique and highly commended Code of Ethics and Practice, of which all our therapists must sign up to before being considered to work with us in any capacity.

Rest Assured in the Therapy Agency

The Code of Ethics outlines the ethics, values, and principles that are used to inform the Code of Practice. Whereas, the Code of Practice examines how these ethics work in practice within a therapeutic setting and consists of detailed action-orientated descriptions.

The ethics that are the basis for a therapist's work within The Therapy Agency are:

  1. Integrity and Impartiality: being sincere, moral and fair in dealing with others.
  2. Competence: successfully deploying, maintaining, and expanding skills and knowledge
  3. Beneficence: acting in the best interests of the Client, in a manner that affords them the most good and avoids causing harm.
  4. Respect and Empathy: demonstrating care, esteem and understanding.
  5. Fidelity and client autonomy: honouring the trust placed in the Therapist, respecting the rights of others to make their own decisions.

Continued Peer and Client Assessment:

Once successful in their application, our monitoring and review procedures don't stop there.

Every time our therapists work with a new client, we seek feedback to check on the continued high standards and satisfaction of all the treatments we provide. Any concern areas (where feedback is anywhere below 'excellent') can therefore then be very quickly checked, and rectified.

The Therapy Agency strives to continuously develop and improve the services we offer our clients, across all sectors.

Ongoing support and advice for our therapists:

Continued Professional Development

By working with one of the largest organisations of its type, the Therapy Agency is able to provide the ongoing support and advice to each of our therapists,

This support can help to ensure Continued Professional Development of our therapists, and also provide effective resolutions of various challenges our therapists may experience through the course of their normal duties.

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