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Where else can you find a 99.99% satisfaction feedback?

We always maintain excellent feedback for all our treatments

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Due to the confidentiality of our individual clients, it's against our policies to display personal details of our private clients alongside each quote.

However, here are just a small collection of words of the genuine feedback from our individual clients:

I just wanted to say a few words of thanks for your help with regard to the trouble I have been having with my back over the past few months.
Having spent several months with an underlying pain the middle of my back, I was really impressed with the service you offered. You came to visit me at my place of work which was really convenient as I could get my problem sorted out in my lunch hour with the hassle of even leaving the building.
I was extremely impressed with your wealth of expertise and knowledge of the different therapies available, and I can certainly say that I went back to my desk feeling refreshed and ready to work.
I am really pleased with the hour which I spent with you as the problem in my back has yet to resurface, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to anyone else.
Again, thanks for all your help.
I just had my massage with Ros and it's so relaxing! Everyone in the office recommend that we should have it more often :)
It was amazing, the morning after the treatment I woke up and all the tension I've had in my shoulder for years had completely gone, I couldn't believe it, my partner couldn't believe it, I've been telling everyone about it ever since!
I didn't think it could relax me that much, in 15 minutes it feels like I've just had a good nights sleep.
...I am still completely gobsmacked at what exactly you did... last time I went over my ankle that badly, I couldn't walk properly for a week, yet it's been completely pain free since your Reiki magic...
That was great, when can you do it again?
I was just so relaxed after the last session.
Can you come back everyday?
Can I book again for next week?
I think I must have fallen asleep again!
How do you do that?

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What about any negative feedback?

Although we work with the best people we can find to provide our treatments, so far, in the tens of thousands of treatments we've provided across the UK over years of trading professionally, we've only had two customers who weren't 100% happy at the time of their first treatment.

For your information, both customers received a full refund and detailed personal apology from our M.D., and we changed our procedures to ensure future satisfaction is guaranteed for all our clients.

If you have any feedback about any treatment you receive from our therapists, either in your home, at their local clinic, and an event, or at your worplace, please do contact us and we'll be very pleased to hear from you.