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What's the value of a professional massage?

Despite the extravagent rates readily available in the exclusive health clubs and spas, therapists are often unrewarded for their efforts. Here at the Therapy Agency we do things differently:

  • We select only the best therapists who apply to work with us
  • How offer lower rates for one hour treatments in your own home, than most other companies offer for just a 30 minute treatment at a central gym!

Our treatment rate is just £49, for a treatment in your chosen local therapy room or clinic, or even in your own home.

The best professional massage treatments are now available for you, in your own home!

Just £49 for a 1-hour booking

Treatments available across the UK - Book Now

All of our therapists agree to provide at least one of their core therapies, at our standard treatment rate, for a treatment in their local therapy room or clinic, or in your own home!

Our Fair Prices

We pride ourselves on providing you the lowest rates we can to our customers, whilst rewarding our therapists for their professionalism and the quality of their work.

1-hour Treatments in your own home - Only £49!

An initial consultation with your chosen therapist is included in the booking price.

Other Treatments & Prices by our Therapists

Occassionally, some of our therapists offer treatments that go slightly outside our standard pricing structure. All such details will be outlined on their online profiles, and explained quite clearly.

  • Extra costs may result from the use of certain expensive consumable materials required during the treatment, for equipment hire for particular treatments, or the particularly increased investment by the therapist for the specialisation of the chosen technique over many years.
  • Savings may also be made when purchasing Therapy Vouchers™ as a gift for friends, family, or clients.

Promotional Codes

Various UK flexible benefit providers are also working with the Therapy Agency to provide slightly reduced rates to our standard treatment rate, by buying into some of the packages we have available with our range of promotion codes.