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Would you like a massage right now?

The Therapy Agency was established in order to make finding a professional massage therapist in your local area easy:

You too can have an amazingly relaxing treatment in your home, or in a local therapy clinic

Would you like a treatment right now?

Just book online through our search page right now.

When you're putting your health into somebody's hands you need to be sure that they have the skills, knowledge, experience and commitment to ethics that you've a right to expect.

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Stressed? That's our business.

We found how difficult it could be to find an excellent massage therapist in your area with the professionalism and qualifications you can rely on.

The Therapy Agency was established to resolve this difficulty. With hundreds of therapists throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland carefully selected, we provide the central point of contact for you to find a quality therapist to suit your complementary therapy requirements.

Rest Assured in the Therapy Agency

All of our therapists are fully trained, qualified and insured to carry out each of the therapies they practice. We interview each and every one of them, and ensure they are signed up to our Code of Ethics and Practice. We seek feedback from their previous and existing clients, and we and provide them with ongoing advice and support. This way, you can be assured that every therapist will always provide the highest quality service to you. We always aim to exceed your expectations.

You can have the choice of a mobile treatment brought directly to your home, or you can book a treatment in one of our many comfortable therapy rooms nationwide. We can even visit you at your workplace!

Individual Bookings - How it Works

  1. You go to our find a local therapist facility, type in your postcode, choose a local therapist, and make a secure booking online. Or you can phone us, and we can make the booking for you.
  2. You give us some payment details to preauthorise your preferred booking.
  3. Your chosen therapist contacts you directly (usually by phone a day or so later), and arranges a mutually agreeable time at the location of your choice. (If the booking cannot be confirmed, no money is deducted from your account and all other details are cancelled).
  4. After a mutually agreeable time is chosen, you get an email with full confirmation of the details of the location, time and date of your chosen therapeutic session.
  5. Your turn up at the therapist's location, or the therapist comes to you at your home. It goes brilliantly and you feel very relaxed and revived.
  6. We send you a treatment evaluation to hear your feedback.
  7. You tell all your friends, and buy some Therapy Vouchers as presents for them too.