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Your Questions, Answered

If you have questions about what happens next, we've put together a range of information with many of the common questions asked by our clients. If you can't find what you're looking for, do get in contact with us.

You can be confident in our answers

Do also contact us with any other queries you may have.

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This page has been compiled with many of the questions we're often asked in regard to our treatments over the years of providing our services. Just select from any of the options below to view more information:

Site Use

My Details

Booking the Treatment

About the Therapist

The Treatment Session

Other Questions

Site Use

This web-site is pretty big... how can I find my way around it?

Finding your way around the website

Each page of The Therapy Agency website has been specifically designed to make navigating your way around as easy as possible.

You can click on the main logo at the top left of each page at any time, to return to the main home page of the website. Similarly, following the links of each tab at the top of each page will take you to that section.

Within each section, you will also be able to see a sectional navigation menu, listing each of the main pages within that section (such as this 'individuals' section).

To find any particular page, you can also visit our Site Map to review virtually all of the pages accessible to you.

What are your standard Terms and Conditions?

Our standard Terms and Conditions can be reached from any page, by following the foot-note link 'Terms & Conditions', at the base of every page.

This section includes our General Terms and conditions for site usage, our privacy policy, our code of ethics & practice, and other contractual agreements.

My Details

Why do you ask me for details of my medical history when I book a treatment? Why does my therapist take down personal and medical details during the consultation?

Providing you with the most effective treatments

We need to ensure that every treatment you receive from The Therapy Agency is suitable and safe for you. Some medical conditions can actually be worsened by certain types of treatment and it is important that you are protected and do not receive treatments that are inappropriate for you.

As everybody is different, the therapist also needs to understand your particular needs before being able to offer a treatment that is tailored to you and will best help you to achieve your health goals. Most complementary therapists work holistically and may also use their knowledge of you to suggest other types of treatment, lifestyle changes, or after-care advice that could help you.

Are my personal details and medical notes secure?

Keeping your personal details securely

All personal information, provided at the time of a booking, while offering feedback, or while speaking with your therapist directly, will be subject to our Privacy Policy, which outlines in detail, what we do with your data.

Each web page where medical information is provided is exchanged within our secure pages just as they would be if you were providing credit card information. This restricts unauthorised viewing across the network while you communicate with our site.

We have many layers of security checks throughout this website. Each therapist must provide answers to at least 6 security questions before signing in and viewing your pre-treatment questionnaire. The physical building in which the computers on which the website is held also hosts a number of top UK banks and security there is a priority.

We try to take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of your medical and other confidential information.

Will my details be passed on to any other 'carefully selected' third parties?

Beyond The Therapy Agency, our registered therapists, and yourself, no one will have access to your information without your consent (except where certain disclosures are required for legal or safety reasons).

We may need to disclose certain medical details to your GP or healthcare professional, but will always try to gain your consent prior to doing so. Neither your GP nor any other medically qualified professional is authorised to give any personal information about you to ourselves.

If I sign up to your newsletter, how many emails will I receive from The Therapy Agency?

We offer you the option of receiving our newsletters so that you can occasionally hear of changes to our website, discounts to our services, etc.

Our strong dislike of receiving spam and other unwanted mailings ourselves, ensures that we will only be in contact with you when we have some important news to tell you. We will not let the system degenerate into unwarranted daily/weekly mailings about other offers.

Booking the Treatment

What's the process for booking a treatment session?

You can also view our 'how it works' section on this website, alternatively please continue to read below:

The first step is to view our detailed find your local therapist page service and decide which type of treatment therapist you would like. To start the search, first put in your postcode, and if you wish, details of your preferred therapies. Similarly, if you would like a mobile treatment brought to you, or if you would prefer to visit the therapist in their own Therapy Room or Clinic, this can also be indicated at this stage.

You can view more information about each therapist from the shortlist of suitable therapists in your area, by following the link to 'Availability & Information' beneath each photo, or you can book that therapist directly from the search results screen.

Getting an effective massage

You will then be taken to a secure booking page, where you will need to provide the relevant preliminary information (such as your preferred date and time and any notes we may need to know in advance). After you have provided this information, and have entered indicated price of your treatment session, you will be taken to a further secure site, where you can provide your credit or debt card information, in order to pay for the session in advance.

After your payment details have been confirmed, you will receive an automated confirmation email letting you know that your chosen therapist should be in contact in the next few days.

Your chosen therapist will then contact you directly, and between you, the precise date and time can be arranged from your preferred times, and the therapist's availability.

After this has been confirmed with us directly, you will then receive a further confirmation email from our online service, stating the date and time, and providing directions to the therapist's therapy room or clinic where applicable.

Please make a note in your diary of your appointment. You should also receive a further reminder a couple of days before the appointed session time.

Can I pay by cheque?

Unfortunately, to keep the costs to yourself as low as possible, we are unable to take payments by cheque, cash, or postal orders at this time for your first online booking.

After your first treatment however, your chosen therapist may be able to accept cheque payments for follow up treatment sessions.

Can I cancel the treatment, or change the session time?

By the nature of the service provided, once the session time and date has been confirmed directly between yourself and the therapist, you are unable to cancel the session, or postpone it for another occasion. This is because once a therapist has set aside the time for your appointment; they are unlikely to find anyone else to fill that space at shorter notice.

Please view the Consumer Contract within our Terms & Conditions for more detailed information.

Is my online payment secure?

Yes, very secure. We utilise the servers of WorldPay to ensure that your booking is taken in the most effective, secure, and reliable means possible.

About the Therapist

How can I be sure the therapist is fully qualified?

All of our therapists undergo strict selection criteria, to ensure that their work is of the highest professional quality and standard, and that their qualifications correspond to the treatments they wish to practice for The Therapy Agency.

Please view the Our Therapists page for more information.

How can I be sure the therapist has valid insurance?

Keeping certificates up to date

With every new application, we confirm that each therapist maintains the necessary public liability insurance with which to practice their complementary therapies.

Each therapist also signs a commitment to keep those details up to date, and we automatically send them a reminder two weeks before their current insurance is due to expire.

Our automated service ensures that this insurance is kept up-to-date, by automatically suppressing any therapist's profile, with out-of-date insurance.

For a 'belt and braces' approach, The Therapy Agency also has our own additional insurance covering all of our therapists whilst working on our behalf.

How can I choose a suitable therapist?

We work hard to ensure that all of our therapists are carefully selected, to work with individuals from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, beliefs, and ages.

We're confident that any of the therapists you choose in your area will provide an excellent and professional treatment, so just choosing your most local therapist will be an excellent decision.

Ultimately the decision between them is up to yourself, and we hope that our detailed find your local therapist facility, and enhanced profile listing, will make it easy for you to find the right therapist for your requirements.

The Treatment Session

How will I find the therapist? Or how will the therapist find me?

If you have booked a 'Therapy Room or Clinic' treatment session, you will also receive a confirmation email including details of how to find the therapist's location. This will include a scaleable 'Ordinance Survey' map - reproduced with permission- and location notes written especially for you, by the therapist, highlighting local landmarks, or other particular features which will aid in your navigation.

If you have booked a 'Mobile Treatment', the therapist is likely to have asked you for specific directions, or parking requirements, etc. at the time of their confirmation therapist's phone call to you. Therapists will also have access to the same maps we use, and will have your contact number with them, in case of journey difficulties.

Can I bring a friend or relation with me, to the session?

Yes, most of our therapists would welcome additional people should you feel it necessary. However, in order to ensure adequate spacing or seating is available, please inform the therapist of your intention at the time of your direct contact, or make an initial note in your bookings page.

To ensure maximum effectiveness of the session, the additional visitor may be asked to wait outside, or refrain from interjections during the session, which we hope you will appreciate.

What is a typical session like?

We have tried to cover most of the typical aspects of the session, within our Treatment Guide page.

Please do contact us if you have any other queries though.

What if I have any concerns during the treatment?

Please don't hesitate to make them clear during the session itself, by speaking directly with the therapist. If this is not possible, please do contact us immediately after the session so that your concerns may be answered.

If I don't turn up or cancel at the last minute, can I get my money back?

Paying for the treatment session

Normally all purchases brought over the internet are subject to the statutory 7 day cooling off period under the distance selling regulations, however, due to the nature of the services provided, if your planned treatment falls within 7 days of your initial booking, our treatments are exempt, as our therapists are unable to find a replacement at short notice (much like booking theatre tickets).

Our therapists are pretty understanding people, so if you can give them sufficient notice, most will normally be able to re-arrange your treatment session for another time.

If you just decide on the day not to turn up however, and haven't been able to come to a agreeable solution with the therapist, unfortunately your payment for the session will still be deducted.

What is your complaints procedure?

Please view our Complaints Page for more information.

What if I don't like the therapist?

In the unlikely event that you take a disliking to your chosen therapist, or if you have any concerns at the time of your initial phone call, please advise the therapist immediately so that alternative arrangements can be made where possible.

If after meeting with the therapist you have stronger concerns, please contact us at The Therapy Agency directly as soon as possible, so that appropriate action can be taken.

Other Questions

I've found some errors in the site, who should I tell?

Please use the contact form to the left of the screen, or any of the other contact pages to inform us of the difficulties you are experiencing, so that they may be resolved.

What if I have any other questions?

Please do get in contact with us at The Therapy Agency, or speak with your therapist directly at the time of the appointment.