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Who is The Therapy Agency, and Why?

The Therapy Agency is a market leader in providing professional massage therapists throughout the UK, to people's homes, as well as local clinics & therapy rooms.

  • All of our therapists are very carefully selected to the highest standards in the industry (higher than the 'professional bodies'), to be placed in locations suitable for each of them.
  • We have extensive online booking facilities for individual clients to book treatments when and where they want to, around the UK.
  • Clients can also view details about their local practitioners through our advanced location based search facility.
  • The Therapy Agency embraces new technology, and is working hard to establish new standards within the industry.
The Therapy Agency is the market leader in the highest professional

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Professional massage therapies and other complementary therapies are an increasingly popular service for people around the UK. This sector has seen substantial growth in recent years, despite a lack of effective regulation. How do you know where to find a local professional you can trust?

Why was The Therapy Agency established?

Professionally Qualified and Trained

The Therapy Agency was set up by professional therapists with extensive professional training, who recognised a real need for a service of this type.

As further investigations were made, it became apparent there were concerns over:

  • the lack of regulation in the complementary therapy industry,
  • the lack of effective selection criteria amongst the 'professional associations',
  • and the challenges of finding a great therapist wherever clients may be based in the UK, at workplaces, for events, at professional clinics & therapy rooms, and visiting your own home.

What sets The Therapy Agency apart?

Investments in pioneering new technologies
  • The Therapy Agency has the highest standards of selection, commended by medical professionals, industry leaders, government departments, and even the therapists themselves!
  • The Therapy Agency has invested heavily in new technology ahead of the market, pioneering extensive secure online booking and payment facilities, embracing database driven systems for all our therapists, enhancing business system efficiency to help maximise the effective treatment times for our clients and our therapists.
  • The Therapy Agency continues to adapt and develop. We strive for continuous improvement, and work hard to maintain our position as market leaders in Group 2 CAM therapies.

What more information can you tell me?

Working with everyone

The Therapy Agency has worked with individual clients from virtually all backgrounds; including high profile international business executives, professional musicians, professional sports men and women, teachers and support staff, NHS staff, members of the police force, members of the armed services, members of the clergy, etc, (specific details of our private clients are of course confidential).

At The Therapy Agency, we are experts in the provision of complementary therapists. We have a thorough understanding of therapeutic environments, with the business acumen to maintain a sustainable business, and the nationwide structure to provide a flexible, complete service to a wide range of clients.

High standards throughout the profession

The Therapy Agency was established when complementary therapies were still in their infancy in the workplace and beyond. It's been amazing to see how much the growth of the market has developed during our own development.

We adhere to strict standards of quality control and professionalism, leading the way in establishing effective procedures for complementary therapies.

We listen to our clients, and bend over backwards to do what we can to support them in their requirements.

For more information, please view the section about the agency.