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Minutes a day - STOP!

Welcome to the pages of Minutes a Day™, a series of pages dedicated to bringing you free information on a range of simple techniques that could improve well-being, health and happiness. Each can be carried out in just minutes a day.

Is getting stuck in traffic a good, or a bad thing?

How often do you actually stop what you're doing, entirely?

The UK has some of the longest working hours in Europe, but are around 22% less productive. The average Briton takes on average just 27 minutes break away from their desk. Only one in five actually takes a lunch hour. A large proportion don't take any breaks at all!

A 5 minute 'fun time' can improve productivity by up to 22%. A 15 minute massage can improve accuracy in mathematical computations by up to 50%. Less haste = more speed. With your brain constantly racing from one thought to the next, you're unable to focus, your clarity is impaired, and you end up spending more time trying to do the task you worked through your break to complete!

We live in an age of information overload. From the moment we wake in the mornings, our lives lead from one task, to the next, and the next, and so on. How often do you take stock of where you are and what you're doing? How often do you step back for a moment, to look ahead in your life and find your direction, your path, the route to your goals? When was the last time you actually stood still, closed your eyes, took a few good deep breaths and allowed yourself just a few moments to relax?

Chances to relax are all around you: Sitting stuck in the traffic, unable to move any further; A cancelled appointment giving you half an hour extra time; Your lunch break, coffee break, loo break (please don't take your phone into the loo with you!). If you are someone who insists you don't have time to take just 2 minutes out of your day, then you really need to make time for yourself!

There are 168 hours in each week. Assuming you sleep for 8 hours a day, that leaves you with around 112 hours. If you're paid for a 37.5 hour week, that should leave you with 74.5 hours per week, or more than 10 hours a day for you to do what you wish!

Understandably you may need to travel to and from work (but if you catch public transport that should give you at least a little free time.. if you drive yourself every day, take a look at car sharing through websites like, or look into utilising public transport). You'll also need to eat and drink (which is an ideal chance to pause, just briefly, before you take your first mouthful).

Learning techniques like self-hypnosis or rapid meditation from an experienced professional can help you make more effective use of the time. Taking just 10 seconds breathing deeply with your eyes closed can be quite phenomenal in its benefits. Do contact us if you'd like more information.


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