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Free Stuff!

Everyone seems to want something for nothing, which is why we've brought the a number of areas together, to help you find just that.

Of course if you have any further queries, do let us know.

Free Gifts just for you

Just use any of the links below to find out more information:

Of course there's a lot of free information across this website as you'll see from our main site map. However, the following links below may be of particular interest to you:

  • Mystery Shoppers are now wanted to receive treatments from our new and registered therapists with the Therapy Agency. Please use this link to find out more.
  • Healthy Living - A range of free articles on ways to help improve your health.
  • Minutes A Day - Further information on the range of techniques offered by 'Minutes A Day'™.
  • The Therapy Academy - Some guidance articles on how to find great professional therapists in your own area.
  • Promotional Codes - If you'd like to get savings on your treatments when booked with the Therapy Agency, use this link to find out more about how.