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About Each Complementary Therapy

To find out more information about each of the complementary therapies we have on offer, do feel free to ask.

Learning more about each therapy treatment

To experience any of these therapies for yourself, just go to our pages on workplace bookings, or 1-to-1 treatments.

To find out more information about any of the therapies we have listed with The Therapy Agency, please follow any of the links below (the information requested will then appear in a new pop-up window).

Searchable Therapies

These therapies are typically searchable from the initial Search for a Therapist screen:

Quick Search:

.Please enter your postcode or town name to find your local professionals, and then book them online:

Additional Therapies

These additional therapies are also available through bookings with some of our therapists, however you cannot search for these therapies specifically. To increase your chances for therapists with the following skills being listed, we recommend you search purely by your postcode or town. You may then see some of these therapies listed in the 'More Information' link of the therapist's profile:

More information

More information can be found on this link