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How much does your event cost you?

You've probably already spent thousands of pounds on your event, so why would you want to spend anything more on massage?

  • Therapy Days aren't expensive, and provide a huge attraction to your event wherever you are. [More information]
  • Of course, the more therapy days you book, the greater value each one becomes.
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We have a standard pricing policy as indicated below, for a varied number of massage therapy days at your event. For a specific quote appropriate for your own requirements, please do contact us.

What is a Therapy Day?

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Our professional massage therapy provision is provided in units of a Therapy Day. A Therapy Day is one therapist on-site for the day, providing up to 6 hours of professional massage time.

The Therapy Agency can supply virtually any number of therapists in each location, or throughout the UK at 100 locations at once! You choose.

Therapy Days can easily be arranged for a one-off press day or other event, a long weekend or 5 day campaign, an event one or two days a week for 20 weeks, a long term marketing campaign, or a regular ongoing event. You choose.

For trade-fairs:

  • Have you already spent a few thousand pounds on the artwork of your display area?
  • Have you put together a bunch of branded free gifts to give away, as well as all your business leaflets and brochures?
  • Have you then spent another few thousand pound to rent the stand area too for the four day event?
  • Have you then arranged for a few of your sales team staff the stand area?
  • But what sets you apart from your competitors?

How would you like a sure fire way of ensuring clients head straight for your stand, and stay there, with the simple provision of professional clothed onsite massage therapies!

For other events:

  • Your VIPs are important.. so how are you looking after their needs?

Nothing has quite the same effect on your VIPs and guests as a professional and clothed massage by one of our professional massage therapists.

These can easily be provided in the green room area backstage by our professional massage therapists, or at other suitable locations based on your requirements.

How long are typical treatment sessions?

  • The most popular sessions for events are the taster 15 and 20 minute sessions.
  • Alternative session lengths (in five minute increments) can also be made available for particular events as required.

What price is each Therapy Day?

Of course, the more Therapy Days you book, the better the rate we can offer you:

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  • Booking around 5 Therapy Days for the same event would normally entitle you to around 9% off our standard daily price.
  • Extending this to 10 or more could increase this reduction saving of 15% per day.
  • Arranging 25, 50, or 100 Therapy Days at once could could give you up to 25% off our standard daily rate!

For multiple locations nationwide, multiple therapist requirements in a single location, or for any other specialist requirement, you know you’re in safe hands with The Therapy Agency.

Our Standard Pricing Guide for Therapy Days
Number of Therapy Days: Daily Rate:* Regularity Savings:
One £240 0.0%
Five £216 10.0%
Ten £204 15.0%
Twenty Five £198 17.5%
Fifty £192 20.0%
One Hundred £180 25.0%

Daily Rates include:

  • Return travel to and from each site (in most cases across the UK).
  • All necessary therapy equipment to carry out each treatment.
  • Full Professional Liability Insurance for each therapist.

*All prices exclude VAT @ 20%.

For a quote specific to your own requirements, please do contact us, or use our online form to request a quote.