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Make amazing savings with our superb offers:

Would you like a special saving rate for booking our various services to help your workplace?

  • The more treatments you book, the greater value we can give you on each day.
  • If you're involved in particular high profile events, some of our therapists may also be happy to work at a slightly reduced rate if they have time to enjoy parts of the event too, so please do contact us with those details.
Make great savings

Make excellent savings by booking more therapists for longer.

Call our account managers to arrange your best Therapy Days

The Therapy Agency specialises in providing excellent rates for a range of professional massage treatments, through our standard pricing structure.

More is Merrier

Book more Therapy Days at more locations, with more therapists, and we'll pass our administrative savings onto you.

You could have a professional onsite therapist from just 50p a minute! Just request a quote from one of our specialists, or book your therapy days now.

You can view our standard pricing structure for therapy days in advance. All prices include travel to and from each location, all the necessary professional equipment required for each session, and of course full insurance for each therapist. We have most locations covered and can recruit on demand with enough notice, if you're way off the beaten track though, we'll let you know as soon as we do!

Make Us an Offer

Work with us

We already work with a number of flexible incentive providers and quality resellers on a range of our products and services.
Many of our therapists are also happy to work at events they'd want to go to, even if it's at a slightly reduced rate if the difference can be made up by them getting the chance to enjoy the event for themselves.

If you are a national re-seller and wish to provide our services through an established and carefully structured provision scheme, or if you're involved in any other high level please send us an outline of your proposition via email or post to any of our main contact details.