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Book your massage therapists with The Therapy Agency

If you are:

  • looking for single or multiple Therapy Days;
  • providing national, local or regional promotion campaigns or product launches;
  • organising a trade-fair puller or enquiry incentive;
  • arranging a media relations campaign or event;
  • or if you just know that you want to run an event that is memorable event for all the right reasons.

then let us take the weight off your shoulders!

Onsite massage therapies

Just send us your details to receive your personalised quote

Contact us now with your aspirations, and discover what we can add to your professional event.

We can provide our therapists on long-term placements and single one-off events locally, nationally, and internationally.

We always appreciate being provided with good notice, but also understand that time is not always available. We will do our best to meet your requirements in any circumstances. If you're short of time, please contact us by telephone as soon as practicably possible.

Contact us by email:

Email: getincontact{-at-}

Contact us by post:

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If you are looking for a specific quote, please use the following online form so that we may deal with your enquiry in the most efficient way: Request a Quote

Book a Therapy Day:

If you understand our prices, and your call is out of hours, please use the following online form and we'll be in contact by return: Book a Therapy Day