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What are the benefits to you?

Keeping your guests happy at events is hard enough. With so many other things to organise around the event, you need people you can rely on without a second thought.

  • Tempt clients and customers towards your product or service with the invitation of a free massage
  • Make clients and customers stay longer with your people, ready to embrace your sales message
  • Ensure that clients and customers get that feel good factor with your brand
  • Keep your VIPs happy, and encourage them to attend with this low cost : high value provision.
Our treatments provide significant benefits to your events

Bring massage to your event with our professional, amiable and skilled massage therapists.

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At The Therapy Agency we know - our clients tell us - how difficult it is maintaining energy, enthusiasm and professional performance in noisy & crowded environments, through long presentations, and off the stage and out of the limelight.
Imagine then, the advantage and impact of a free massage therapy treatment, right when and where your clients, customers, and VIPs urgently need reviving and revitalising.

Use professional massage therapies at your trade-fair, festival, or event:

Everybody attending conferences, training events and exhibitions, has had the exhausting experience of spending hour after hour meeting people, absorbing information, decision making and trying to make the right impression.

Sporting and music events can be amazing for those taking a few days out of their normal schedules, but for those working in them day in and day out, motivation can sometimes be difficult to maintain.

Our professional massage therapies are a welcome relief. They melt away tension, not only attracting people to, and keeping them at, your stand or event, but also engaging their loyalty and creating productive business relationships long term for the future. [More information]

At prices lower than you might expect, we combine high-perceived value with tangible benefits, boosting your image, your sales and your bottom line.

Tempt clients and customers towards your product or service

Mentioning a professional free massage in your publicity material is always a winner, and our comfy, ergonomically designed massage chairs take up very little space and yet seem to act like powerful people-magnets wherever they go.

Make clients and customers stay longer

Whether they book in for a later treatment time-slot, or form a little queue, they'll be there, engaging in conversation, exposing themselves to your brand, and forming relationships with your sales staff.

And if you're organising a large event we can provide a chill-out zone, helping to effuse the whole atmosphere with a feeling of wellbeing by giving your customers a chance to relax without having to leave.

Meanwhile, conferences and training sessions can provide that extra bit of encouragement by ending on a high note with the provision of a rewarding treatment of choice.

Ensure that clients and customers get that feel good factor.

Complementary treatments, not only break the ice but they leave a warm glow, taking the stress out of listening and decision making while creating customer commitment and loyalty.

What The Therapy Agency can offer you:

We can offer you hourly rates, daily rates, or bulk-booking promotion rates for multiple staff, whatever the size or location of your function.

Our events have ranged in scale from 100 complementary therapists working in 50 separate locations across the UK in a single weekend, to a single therapists working at a small pampering event for holiday homes in rural villages.

Contact us now to find out more about how we can help you exceed your clients' and customers' expectations. The only thing they'll be aching for, will be more of what you can give them.