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Professional Profile of Tasch, ID: 0252

My passion is creating and restoring homeostasis (balance) within your body and mind – so you can live your life to its fullest potential!  In health, we are partners – creating the “body and mind” you deserve!

My therapeutic approach is revolutionary - driven by my personal experience with severe illness. My unique multidisciplinary approach successfully integrates Eastern, Western and African healing principles, to yield a therapeutic experience - tailored to your individual needs (treating a range of physical ailments, medical conditions and emotional upsets – like muscle strain, Arthritis and Depression). 

I have extensive experience within the field of Complementary Therapies and Alternative Medicine and have been privileged to work alongside the leading pioneers within the field -  Dr. Alfred Vogel and Dr. Jan de Vries (Bioforce International); Patrick Holford and Professor Jayney Goddard.


I met my first mentor, Swami Mataji Narayani (Spiritual Guru and Homeopath) at the tender age of ten. During the years that followed, I received spiritual enlightenment from several Gurus and was trained both traditionally (through University) and non-traditionally in the Eastern and Western healing arts. I have worked in the Medical and Pharmaceutical sector for several years - within the NHS and the Private sector. In the field of Complementary Alternative Medicine and Integrated Healthcare, I work actively in Private Practice and in Educational contexts - presenting lectures, seminars and workshops.

Book now to avoid disappointment, Tasch began work as a professional therapist in 1995, and is normally kept very busy!

Therapies Available:

On-Site Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Full Body Massage,

Locations Available:

Mobile Treatments,

Mobile Treatments - Typical Times Available:

Monday: 10am - 8pm.Tuesday: 10am - 8pm.Wednesday: 10am - 4pm.Thursday: 10am - 8pm.Friday: 10am - 8pm.Saturday: 10am - 2pm. Sunday: Unavailable

Individual / 1-to-1 Treatment Information:

The standard session price for treatments with Tasch is £49

Tasch is based in Middlesex.

Tasch may travel up to 8km for a 1 hour treatment.

Book Now:

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Additional Notes:

Please email us for payment instructions, due to continued failures by PayPal to provide a reasonable payment service.

Notes for Therapy Days or Events:

Tasch may be willing to travel up to 32km for a full day of treatments.

Your Booking:

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