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Contact Us at the Therapy Agency

Do you have some feedback on how we can improve?

Let us help with your pain, before it gets worse

We bend over backwards to try and provide the best services.

Very occasionally, we're not able to reach the standards we expect, so we'd be grateful to hear from you.

We do everything we can to ensure delivery of the best possible service to all our customers, however we understand that even in the best-run businesses, mistakes do occasionally happen and things can go wrong.

If you are in anyway unhappy with any of the products or services you have received from the Therapy Agency, then we would gratefully appreciate your feedback to enable us to rectify the situation as swiftly as possible and to prevent the same situation happening again.

Any problems or issues you have about appointments or treatments should initially be discussed with the therapist concerned. If, by the nature of your query, they are unable to help, or it would be more appropriate to contact us directly, then please do get in contact with our friendly Customer Services Team.

To help us to quickly resolve your issue, please include as much information as you have available in your communication.

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