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Making the most of your investment

Professional Onsite Massage Therapies are proven to make significant improvements to your company's finances.

  • Get the most out of your largest and most important company investment - your staff.
  • Enable Therapy Days to be provided regularly, to help maximise the effectiveness of the treatments provided.
Get the most value out of your staff, with the Therapy Agency

Book your first Therapy Days now.

Virtually all of our business clients recognize the value of fully-subsidising therapy days, so staff pay nothing towards the company benefits of receiving a massage. Invoicing can then easily be achieved through your finance department, directly from the Therapy Agency, helping the company to make the maximum savings in booking a therapy placement.

Part-Subsidised Therapy Days

We do also understand that for some companies, they'd like each staff member to make a gesture towards each session price. For this reason, we have developed a unique method of subsidising treatments through the use of Therapy Credits.

Therapy Credits™ can be bought in advance through our secure online payment facility by individual members of staff or branch managers buying in bulk.

Make someone's day:

Happy Staff
  • Reward an employee for their outstanding performance
  • Motivate your team in maintaining quality performance during a particularly stressful or hard-working period
  • Empower your staff by giving them the option to purchase their own Therapy Credits
  • Reduce the cost of your employees next sessions by subsidising Therapy Days, with either a £50 or £100 part subsidy
  • Show your appreciation for the long year with a refreshing Christmas or Summer bonus

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