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How much does it cost not to have regular massage?

Professional Onsite Massage Therapies are proven to make significant improvements to your company's finances.

  • You'll actually save money by investing! [More information]
Save money by investing in the professional massage treatments provided by The Therapy Agency

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If you are looking for a specific quote, please contact us. Please include as much information as possible as this will help us deal with your request quickly.


Information about our online forms:

When completing our online forms, we have a little information for you on why the various sections need to be completed. Just hover your mouse over the information icon, or click on the icon to jump to this information below.

What is a required field?

Why are some fields required before the online form can be sent?

So that we can deal with your enquiry in the most effective way, we do need some fields to be completed as a minimum requirement prior to sending the online form.

These sections are typically marked clearly with the following icon: [Required]

Your Contact Information:

Your Full Name

Your full name will normally be in the form of your first name, followed by your surname.

Providing us your full name enables us to contact you more easily should we need to get in contact as applicable.

Your Job Title

Your job title enables us to help place you within your company more appropriately, and therefore target any requested information specifically to your job area as applicable.

Your Company Name

For business enquiries, your company name is important for us to be able to address your enquiry directly, particularly if you're in a shared building, or if we have challenges contacting you.

Your company name also enables us to potentially find out a little more about you, before contacting you, so that we can direct our response more appropriately to your potential requirements.

Your Address 1

This is the first line of your address, which would normally be your building name and road, or building number and road name.

Your Address 2

Where applicable, this section is normally the sub-district of where you're based.

Your Town

Your town quite simply is the town your workplace is based (or the town of where you wish us to contact you) .

Your Postcode

Your postcode in the UK is particularly useful to us, so that we can both contact you more easily by post, but also find our most local therapists for your provision.

If you don't know you're current postcode, the Royal Mail website normally has details on how you can find this for yourself.

Your Email

In today's digital age, your email address is a really important way for us to be able to contact you quickly and effectively. Please provide your work email address so that we can contact you most easily.

We do not share your personal details with anyone else and will only use your email to follow up on the enquiry you've contacted us with. For further information on how we make use of your details, please review our privacy policy.

Your Landline Telephone Number

Even with the proliferation of mobile phones, having a landline contact telephone number (particularly for business enquiries) enables us to contact you during working hours at your workplace.

Your Telephone Extension Number

If you are part of a large workplace network, and do not have a direct dial telephone number, if you have a telephone extension this can enable us to find you more quickly when contacting your main company switchboard.

Your Mobile Telephone Number

If you're also happy for us to contact you on your mobile phone number, please provide those details in this section.

We do prefer contacting business enquiries via a landline first, particularly when sharing any commercially sensitive information about answers to your queries, so please consider your mobile phone contact telephone number in addition to a normal landline telephone number.

More information about your business:

Your business sector

Your business sector details can help us to better recognise the potential key challenges your staff may face, as well as help inform you of the other businesses in your sector also providing complementary massage therapies.

Approximate Number of Employees

The total number of employees within your business can help us better formulate the typical number of therapists and therapy days you may require, based on other businesses of your size and their current provision.

Number of Branches in the UK

This figure can make a difference to the value of your quote, as more therapists in different locations are priced at a slightly different rate to one therapist over multiple days in the same location.

Number of Employees per Branch

In a similar way to the total number of employees in your business, knowing how many staff are based at each location can make a difference to the number of therapy days you may require.

Your Preferred Therapies:

Each of the preferred therapies listed:

Each of the preferred therapies from Indian Head Massage, On-site Massage, Full Body Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Sports Massage, Hypnotherapy, Shiatsu, Kinesiology are all described in further detail on this page of therapy descriptions.

Additional Notes:

Further information:

Finding out how you heard about The Therapy Agency can help us to market ourselves more effectively, and also track through the various word of mouth recommendations passed on.

The additional information you may also provide us can help us to improve our services to you with any additional information you provide us.