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How much do you value your staff and your company?

Companies who make the full payment for their Therapy Days typically gain a 500% greater benefit to their company than those who expect staff to pay.

  • Therapy Days aren't just a staff benefit, they're a huge company benefit too. [More information]
  • Make a full payment for each of the Therapy Days, or part-subsidise your Therapy Days by your choice of amount.
What are the costs to your company by not having a regular massage?

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We have a standard pricing policy as indicated below, for regular massage therapy days in your workplace. For a specific quote appropriate for your own requirements, please do contact us.

What is a Therapy Day?

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Our on-site complementary health service for businesses is provided in units of a Therapy Day. A Therapy Day is one therapist on-site for the day.

You can have more than one Therapy Day per day, if you require more than one therapist at the same or different sites. The number of therapists you wish to have available in each branch on any one day can be anywhere from one, to one hundred - you choose.

Therapy Days can be arranged Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly, as a one-off event, or specifically to your particular requirements.

How long are typical treatment sessions?

  • The most popular sessions per staff member are 15, 20 or 30 minutes long within your workplace. Most of the companies who work with us however, utilise the 30 minute sessions for maximum benefit.
  • Alternative session lengths (in five minute increments) can also be made available for particular events as required.
  • We also allow the options for staff to book multiple sessions within the day if there's time available, if this allowed by yourselves.

What price is each Therapy Day?

Of course, the more Therapy Days you book in advance, the better the rate we can offer you:

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  • Booking a Therapy Day in a single location, 6 or more times per year would normally entitle you to around 10% off our standard daily price.
  • Extending this to a monthly event could increase this reduction saving of 15% per day
  • Arranging the placements fortnightly or weekly, or more, could give you between 17.5% or 25%, off our standard daily rate.

With multiple branches nationwide, multiple therapist requirements in a single location, or for any other specialist requirement, you know you’re in safe hands.

With more carefully selected therapists throughout the UK than anyone else, and with some of the most sophisticated and versatile online booking facilities in the world, the efficiency of our business means that you can get excellent value every time.

Our Standard Pricing Guide for Workplace Therapies
Regularity of Therapy Days: Daily Rate:* Regularity Savings:
One-off £240 0.0%
Two Monthly £216 10.0%
Monthly £204 15.0%
Fortnightly £198 17.5%
Weekly £192 20.0%
Twice Weekly £180 25.0%

Daily Rates include:

  • Return travel to and from the site.
  • All necessary therapy equipment to carry out each treatment.
  • Full Professional Liability Insurance for each therapist.

*All prices exclude VAT @ 20%.

For a quote specific to your own requirements, please do contact us, or use our online form to request a quote.