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Make amazing savings with our superb offers:

Would you like a special saving rate for booking our various services to help your workplace?

  • The more treatments you book, the greater value we can give you on each day.
  • Involve yourself in one of our cognitive research trials for proven medical results.
  • If you'd like to join one of the many national providers promoting our services, do contact us with your details.
Some of the deals we have available to businesses

Make excellent savings by booking treatments regularly.

Call our account managers to arrange your first Therapy Days

The Therapy Agency specialises in providing excellent rates for a range of professional massage treatments, with exclusive online booking facilities, across a standard national pricing structure, regardless of your location.

More is Merrier

Onsite massage therapies

Book more Therapy Days at more branches, for more employees and we'll pass our administrative savings onto you. With our superb savings your employees could receive a professional onsite massage every single week of the year!

Just request a quote from one of our specialists, or book your therapy days now!

You can also view our standard pricing structure for therapy days in advance. All prices include travel to and from each location (unless of course you're out on an off-shore oil rig, then we generally need to arrange travel provision!), all the necessary professional equipment required for each session, and of course full insurance for each therapist.

Volunteer for Cognitive Massage Research

Work with us

If you have more than 50 full time staff working in the UK, and you may be willing to be involved in one of our research studies into the efficacy of on-site massage therapies on cognitive function, please contact one of our advisors who will be glad to discuss with you our appreciation for your involvement.

For your advanced information, the cognitive studies involve a simple computer based cognitive test of around 10 minutes prior to, and after each massage. This can be internet based, or laptops can be brought into your workplace with a specialist cognitive test advisor from CDR who are collaborating with The Therapy Agency in this unique study.

We've already completed the initial trial which proved very popular. The final results of the full trial will be publicised across the public and trade-press, which will of course also be excellent publicity for your own company.

All studies are also carried out up to medical grade scientific study standards!

For further information about this, please do contact us.

Make Us an Offer

Work with us

We already work with a number of flexible benefits providers and quality resellers on a range of our products and services.

If you are a national re-seller and wish to provide our services through an established and carefully structured provision scheme, please send us an outline of your proposition via email or post to any of our main contact details.