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Don't just take our word for it

In feedback forms from all of our business clients, every single one described they'd be happy to recommend The Therapy Agency to others. It's how we've gained some of our largest clients!

  • We work hard to ensure every one of our business clients' expectations are exceeded by our services.
  • Corporate evaluation forms sent after each new Therapy Day ensures continuous monitoring of our therapists.
  • We guarantee professionalism. In the highly unlikely event of a concern, we ensure your needs are met, or there's no charge!
We always seek feedback from our clients, to ensure you can get the best service

Would you like to be saying amazing things about your day at work? Contact us to find out how.

Some of our clients:

ITNBI WorldwideMarriottDirectline HolidaysOlswangPerforceCentricaStrykerWeizermannVignetteBluHaloAssura groupEggBTG

Quotes and Feedback:

We're pleased to also present just a small selection of feedback from our clients:

What an absolute treat that massage was.
Thank you so much Liz.

I've had a few massages in my time but I have to say he was wonderful and probably the best one I've had.

Can we have him once a week? Or fortnight? I would definitely pay for something like this on a regular basis at work, it's so much more convenient.

- Leslee, Recruitment Coordinator, RISC


I just had to email you to say how wonderful our new masseuse is.
Sadie was very professional indeed and many staff commented on how great she was and I agreed whole heartedly after I had mine!
She is superb Jason - she asked individuals how they were feeling, any problems, aches and pains to let her know what sort of pressure, how we could ask to have the pressure changed if we wanted to.... blah blah blah
In short ,can you please ensure we have her from now on forever!

Thanks and regards

- Melanie McIntosh, Human Resources Manager, Perforce Software

Onsite Massage Therapies Just wanted to say I have just had my massage with Jenny from The Therapy Agency and it was the best one I have ever had.

Also, before the massage I had a slight headache which disappeared completely by the end of it. Thought I would mention that in the hope we can get her regularly.

- Caroline, Secretary, Olswang,

We would just like to reiterate to you that feedback has been excellent and those that attended have really enjoyed it. The levels of service were very professional and the therapists' were really warm and friendly – we wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to others!

- Rachel Nixon, HR Assistant, Assura Group

The use of massage and other techniques which combat stress undoubtedly have a positive effect on staff morale.

In one group, after the introduction of some of these techniques, there was an obvious reduction in the number of days sickness taken. Staff said that they felt more valued, supported and on top of that, had very much enjoyed the experience!

- Natalie French, Governance Faciliator, The NHS

Onsite Massage Therapies Directline Holidays is a busy internet-based travel agency. Our 25 call centre staff help customers choose and book from the millions of holidays available on our website.

With a turnover approaching £10 million per annum, maintaining excellent staff morale is critical to moving the business forward.

As an Investor in People we have long recognized the importance of looking after our staff. We have been working with The Therapy Agency for just over a year and everyone here really values and appreciates the treatment provided. Visits are four-weekly at the moment, but we have recently agreed to increase the frequency to three-weekly.

We're happy to report 100% attendance on Therapy Days as well as a reduction in absenteeism overall. This could be a happy coincidence, but we're sold on the benefits and would have no hesitation in recommending The Therapy Agency to others.

- Antony Bradley, Managing Director,

We originally chose The Therapy Agency to massage just a couple of the staff, but the massage proved so successful, we decided to give all our staff and friends a massage, with our compliments.

- Scott Baily, Jay Walker Shoes

Very happy woman It was amazing, the morning after the treatment I woke up and all the tension I've had in my shoulder for years had completely gone, I couldn't believe it, my partner couldn't believe it, I've been telling everyone about it ever since!

- Amanda, Sales Manager, Henley-on-Thames

I didn't think it could relax me that much, in 15 minutes it feels like I've just had a good nights sleep

- Claire, Select Recruitment Consultant, Berkshire.

That was great, when can you do it again?

- Guy Harris, Radio DJ, Thames Valley.

I was just so relaxed after the last session

- Phillapa, Events Management, Berkshire.

I want to take the piss, but I can't .. It was absolutely brilliant!

- Duggie Jones, Comedian, Bristol.

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