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Save money by having a regular massage!

Professional massage therapies don't just feel great: They're also really amazing for your company's bottom line too!

  • Improve productivity, performance and cognitive function by having a regular workplace massage treatment
  • Reduce back pain, reduce sickness absence, and reduce duvet days by having a regular workplace massage treatment
  • Reduce staff turnover, improve your corporate reputation, and attract amazing new staff by having a regular workplace massage treatment
Reduce your costs by the investment in massage for staff

To save your company's profits, invest in professional massage therapies from The Therapy Agency and see for yourself the significant benefits.

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On-site massage can be successfully used in your workplace, with a host of amazing benefits to your company that's not just about it feeling great!

Improve performance and productivity by up to 50%

As many as 23% of UK workers suffer from fatigue1, and one in four suffers from work-related stress2. When workers suffer, work suffers too. UK employees work the longest hours in Europe, yet are 46% less productive3.

A reviving fifteen-minute chair massage has been found to increase speed and accuracy on mathematical computations by up to 50%4. Massage is proven to enhance cognitive function5, concentration, creativity and working relationships.

Reduce sickness absence and duvet days:

The CBI reported in 2001 that stress accounts for 70% of all sick leave in the UK6.

The Health and Safety Commission put the figure at 13.4 million working days annually attributed to stress7, costing UK businesses between £3.7 billion and £7 billion a year. On-site massage has been clinically proven to reduce stress and studies have found that massage treatments reduce staff absences.

The second most common cause for absenteeism are skeletal and muscular problems - together they add up to a further 12.3 million lost working days annually. On-site massage is also effective for these problems, focusing on the back, head, neck and shoulders. Massage improves blood-flow, releasing muscular tension and eye-strain and improving musculoskeletal structure and function.

Reduce staff-turnover:

High staff-turnover is partly a result of work-place stress, illness and injury.

It costs between £12,000 and £100,000 to replace a member of staff8, making regular on-site massage a very attractive alternative for minimal investment.

Many of our clients have noticed the significant benefits of such an investment, which is just one of the reasons they keep coming back for more.

Improve your corporate reputation and attract excellent prospective employees:

On-site massage will also help you to attract high-calibre prospective employees.

A recent study by CIPD reports that employees see a clear connection between responsible business practice and a positive impact on the bottom line9. The study found that responsible practice can help to attract, motivate and retain a talented and diverse workforce.

The provision of services to employees such as professional massage therapies, form part of responsible business practice.

Provide incentives, improving staff morale and motivation:

When employees are surveyed they typically respond very positively to the prospect of on-site massage. One of our clients reported that our onsite massage provision in their workplace was the most valued company benefit for all the staff questioned.

The provision of complementary therapies in the workplace demonstrates that they are appreciated and valued. As the UK becomes the first EU country to show an alarming decline in morale and attitudes towards company management10, it's sometimes hard to put a price on the loyalty that our service engenders.

Comply with Health and Safety legislation:

Illness and accidents linked to work-related stress are now the most significant health and safety concern in the UK.

In an increasingly litigious culture, companies who provide access to services which can help combat the effects of stress, ill-health and accidents have a much stronger case against any employee's allegations of breach of duty.

Save money by investing

In a multi-pronged approach to sickness absence by East Sussex Council, after an introduction of therapies such as Indian Head Massage, an amazing £1million saving has been made in sickness absence costs, with just a £ £100,000 increase in Occupational Health expenditure!11

For more information:

If you would like to know more about what on-site massage can do for your bottom line, just ask us for our publication On-Site Massage: The Financial Benefits

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