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Recommend this site to a friend or colleague

Our aim is to have you feeling so 'stress-free' and invigorated about our services that you'll recommend us to all of your friends and colleagues

Share the gift of relaxation and better health, with others

More of our new clients come to us through recommendations from existing clients, than from any other means!

Of course, the best way for you to tell others about our services, is probably by you sharing your own experience in your preferred way. For some other additional ideas however, we have a number of options available to you:

Therapy Postcards - Find your Space

If you'd like to do a 'desk-drop' by having a number of postcards pre-printed with your details to help inform about our service provision, these can certainly be provided via your account manager. Or of course do contact us and we'll be glad to send some on to you.

Business Brochures

We have a number of high gloss A5 booklet brochures, produced to help promote the Therapy Agency's services to businesses. If you'd like to have some to share with your HR Manager, Social Group Manager, Business Directors, or similar, do let us know directly, or you can fill in our 'request a brochure' form through this link.

Gift Therapy Vouchers

You can now purchase exclusive Gift Therapy Vouchers for your loved ones, friends, family, or employees. Please use this link for further information.

Promotional Codes

We have a range of promotional codes already available to various benefit schemes, employee packages, and charitable groups. This can provide additional savings to those you recommend

Pull-up Banners

We also have free standing banners, that stand around 2 feet wide by 7.5 feet tall. These are often used in workplaces to help promote the presence of our therapists on your Therapy Days.