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Our Environmental Policies

At the heart of the Therapy Agency is an aim to help better the world and reduce our consumption of our scarce resources.

  • A person under stress is proven to damage the environment more than someone who's relaxed (ie in driving, convenience food choices, and looking at the bigger picture).
  • By the provision of our services, we aim to reduce other's damage to the environment by helping them relax.
  • Of course we also take a significant number of steps ourselves too.
Our green policy - trying to leave no trace

Do you know your Carbon Footprint?

The Therapy Agency's environmental policies are important at both a local level in our offices, as well as at a national level with all our therapists. We work hard to consider the environment, and our impact to it, at every level we can.

At Our Head Office:

  • Wind Turbine with EcotricityAll of our electricity supply comes only from renewable sources (currently Ecotricity), and we minimise usage through a variety of in-house methods (such as electrical equipment not being left on standby, the kettle only filled with the amount of water required, natural lighting encouraged rather than artificial lighting, we have an 'open window' policy rather than air conditioning or air fragrances, extra clothing is added before heating is turned on, etc);
  • We minimise plastics usage in our purchases, consumable, and sales. All of our therapy vouchers are printed on recycled paper, and our gift cases are made from polypropylene (which can be disposed of safely, recycled, or burnt without harmful emissions);
  • What's your carbon footprint?We've digitalised most of our processes, thereby minimising energy usage and reducing paper waste within the office. All other waste paper is carefully recycled and we quickly stop any unwanted junk mail), and any other packaging which can be recycled, is recycled;
  • Any old office equipment which can be reused, is recycled rather than disposed of (such as through schemes like freecycle), and our office furniture is principally constructed from renewable sources;
  • We minimise face-to-face meetings between ourselves, and our clients or therapists, thereby reducing transportation impact (preferring instead to offer virtual meetings and conference calls where possible). Where face-to-face meetings are still required, we aim to use combined rail travel and cycling to business meetings, rather than purely by car;
  • CyclingWe encourage staff to cycle or walk to work where possible, and offer flexible working hours (particularly for car drivers) thereby reducing peak hour travel (ie slow and increased pollution travel);
  • On all our bulk printed business marketing material, we use business printers with clear environmental policies (although virtually all of our customised business proposals are made available digitally rather than printed and posted (to save the environmental impact);
  • Consumables from our own in-house printing (such as toner cartridges) are all recycled, rather than disposed into landfill. Similarly batteries are rechargeable are recycled (rather than harmfully disposed into landfill);
  • Office cleaning products are carefully chosen for minimal environmental impact, with additional natural alternatives used where suitable;
  • Veggetarian cooking isn't all about tofuWe encourage vegetarian cooking in-house (which uses around 4 times less land area) using locally produced organic vegetables (such as through a local organic box scheme delivered regularly) for shared staff lunches (which also minimises energy use).
  • Tea and Coffee is fair-trade. Tissues are organic cotton waste (rather than wood pulp). Remaining food waste is also composted rather than going into landfill.

On A National Level:

  • Bad trafficOur core service, massage, is proven to reduce stress and promote relaxation. This in turn is proven to reduce fuel consumption by drivers (and reduce accidents), promote healthy thinking in clients, decrease mistakes, and decrease environmental impact;
  • Much of our credit control, invoicing and payments, and made digitally (rather than by post), to help minimise transportation requirements and paper usage (even down to suppliers not needing to drive to the bank to pay in a cheque, by making online bank transfers instead);
  • Minutes a day to improve your lifeWe promote healthy living and awareness through our treatments, and our corporate training programs such as minutes a day - to improve your life;
  • We run a truly national agency, and as a result can choose therapists who are local to each client's workplace location, rather than needing to send therapists hundreds of miles to provide effective treatments;
  • We also offer individual treatments in more locations than any other comparable gift experience company, resulting in clients not needing to travel as far to receive individual treatments from our range of gift vouchers.

If you have any other queries regarding our Environmental Policy, please do contact us.