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Our Code of Ethics and Practice

The Therapy Agency has established its own comprehensive and acclaimed Code of Ethics and Practice for each and every one of our therapists. Thus we are better able to:

  • Help clarify the position and performance of our therapists
  • Give guidance and training to our therapists
  • Have the basis for formulating our complaints procedure, should the need ever arise.

These codes and agreements have been carefully developed over many years by specialists in these fields, and of course we always welcome feedback from our therapists, peers, and our clients.

Learning more about the Therapy Agency

Our detailed procedures can help everyone better understand where they stand, and how we can all work together.

We are aware that most of our therapists are already signed up to one or more of a range of Codes of Ethics and Practice in existence, some of which will pertain to the particular treatments they provide. Rather than insist our practitioners follow any external codes we think it best to bring standards of ethical practice under one roof and for that roof to be The Therapy Agency's own. Thus we are best able to:

  • protect the Therapy Agency's clients from improper practice,
  • give our therapists detailed guidance on ethical behaviour and
  • have a basis for formulating a complaints procedure.

The well-being of clients is vital to the Therapy Agency, and goes to the very core of its purpose, affecting all aspects of the means by which we accomplish that purpose. Protecting clients' well-being is therefore fundamental to our business and all our therapists have an obligation to abide by this code.

Professionally Qualified and Trained

Most of our therapists have had many years of experience in their respective fields and we look forward to on-going discussions with them concerning the - sometimes complex - ethical issues they face.

We also welcome feedback from clients and hope to hear from about what makes them annoyed or uncomfortable, or conversely, what makes them feel well-treated and safe during, before and after complementary therapy treatments.

Our Terms and Conditions are fine tuned and modified to help clarify situations and policies. If there are any matters you would like us to illuminate further, or provide us with feedback on, we look forward to hearing from you.

For more information on our Codes of Ethics and Practice, please view the appropriate pages in our Terms and Conditions.

All subcontractors of The Therapy Agency are also be bound by our Consultant Therapist Agreement.

Our standard Terms and Conditions of Site Usage is applicable to all users of this site.

We are also registered with the Data Protection Service and your personal details are bound by our Privacy Policy.

If you have any further questions, please view the relevant Frequently Asked Questions pages for more information, and if the answers you seek are not available there, then please do get in contact.