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Charitable projects of the Therapy Agency

The Therapy Agency aims to give a lot back. We're involved in a number of charitable aims and groups, and encourage our staff participation in such projects.

Giving back with the Therapy Agency

Would you like to give a little back?

We work hard in ensuring we can give a little back in all we do with the Therapy Agency, for this reason:

  • All office staff are actively encouraged to work on charitable projects within their local community (and are regularly involved);
  • The Therapy Agency also supports other charitable groups such as Nightline, Marie Curie Cancer Care, the NSPCC, Help the Hospices, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme;
  • We occasionally offer donations (such as a range of our therapy vouchers), support at events, time off work for office staff, etc;
  • Strict standards of quality controlWe provide special promotional codes to charitable groups and those in some high stress service industries, offering reductions and charity payments each time one is used;
  • We support the Energy Exchange website, in order for individuals to exchange their skills with other individuals, freely;
  • We support Fair Trade products within the business (such as all our tea & coffee, and many items of appropriate clothing and food);
  • All of our business banking is with the Cooperative Bank who adopt clear ethical policies on the way profits are invested;
  • Our telecom supply is through Cooperative Telecom who also adopt clear ethical policies on the way profits are invested;
  • We try to support local trade where possible, particularly with our local therapists, for each workplace location throughout the UK;
  • We try to minimise supermarket shopping to help support the smaller businesses, even if it does cost us slightly more;

If you have any other queries regarding our Charitable Work, please do contact us.