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Read more about the Therapy Agency

The Therapy Agency is a market leader in providing professional massage therapists throughout the UK, to workplaces, events, homes, and therapy clinics.

  • We have extensive online booking facilities for any member to of staff to book treatments when and where they want to.
  • All of our therapists are very carefully selected to the highest standards in the industry, to be placed in locations suitable for each of them.
Learning more about the Therapy Agency

To find out more about the Therapy Agency, just take a browse through our website.

Professional massage therapies and other complementary therapies are an increasingly popular service for people around the UK. This sector has seen substantial growth in recent years, despite a lack of effective regulation. How do you know where to find a local professional you can trust?

Why was The Therapy Agency established?

Professionally Qualified and Trained

The Therapy Agency was set up by professional therapists with extensive professional training, who recognised a real need for a service of this type.

As further investigations were made, it became apparent there were concerns over:

  • the lack of regulation in the complementary therapy industry,
  • the lack of effective selection criteria amongst the 'professional associations',
  • and the challenges of finding a great therapist wherever clients may be based in the UK, at workplaces, for events, or at home.

What sets The Therapy Agency apart?

Investments in pioneering new technologies
  • The Therapy Agency has invested heavily in new technology ahead of the market, pioneering extensive secure online booking and payment facilities, embracing database driven systems for all our therapists, enhancing business system efficiency to help maximise the effective treatment times for our clients.
  • The Therapy Agency has the highest standards of selection, commended by medical professionals, industry leaders, government departments, and even the therapists themselves!
  • The Therapy Agency continues to adapt and develop. We strive for continuous improvement, and work hard to maintain our position as market leaders in Group 2 CAM therapies.

What more information can you tell me?

Onsite massage therapies

The Therapy Agency has a wide range of significant and high profile clients around the UK, including: local councils, banks and financial institutions, law firms, technology companies, recruitment companies, fashion houses, event management companies, and even the NHS! [more info]

The Therapy Agency has been featured in both the local and national press, as well as on the radio, and of course on the web.

The Therapy Agency was established when complementary therapies were still in their infancy in the workplace and beyond. It's been amazing to see how much the growth of the market has developed during our own development as a business.

Strict standards of quality control

At The Therapy Agency, we are experts in the provision of complementary therapists. We have a thorough understanding of both the business and therapeutic environments, and the nationwide structure to provide a flexible, complete service to a wide range of clients.

We adhere to strict standards of quality control and professionalism, leading the way in establishing effective procedures for complementary therapies.

We listen to our clients, and bend over backwards to do what we can to support them in their requirements.

More information

The Therapy Agency was first established in 1996, and then incorporated in June 2000 by Jason Parlour, an entrepreneur with a diverse background in professional complementary therapies, people management, technology and engineering!

Jason's passion for complementary therapies was sparked by it's efficacy in healing a sports injury that he acquired in New Zealand in 1996. He immediately began training in a range of therapies and developing his new skills and knowledge, incorporating these into his previous business experience.

Onsite massage therapies

Jason realised that complementary therapies, and on-site massage in particular, had powerful potential for adding value to a wide range of organisations.

Invigorating, seated, clothed on-site massage has now been proven to reduce stress, increase productivity and performance, decrease absenteeism and improve staff morale and motivation. It also attracts people to events, stands and product launches, engaging their loyalty, and creating productive business relationships.

The Therapy Agency was founded to make finding a complementary therapist simple. We have the nation wide structure to provide a complete service to business and individual clients.

Allowing therapists to do what they are best at, The Therapy Agency takes over management functions, providing the therapist with both clients and decent rates of pay whilst providing the consumer with an excellent level of service.

In the past, suppliers of complementary therapies broadly fell into two camps:

  1. Firstly, there were individual therapists working from home or from hired rooms in health centres who were often very competent at their work but could lack the business and marketing skills necessary to provide sufficient clients.
  2. Secondly, treatments were provided in health clubs, hotels and spas by full-time staff members, therapists unable to control their hours and often poorly paid. That poor pay risked resulting in poor service, hurried treatments and high staff turn-over. Information about therapies was lacking and the choices for clients were limited, often reduced to word-of-mouth recommendations.
Professional expansion and growth

The Therapy Agency came into being during a massive and on-going expansion in awareness and acceptance of complementary therapies which is leading to significant growth of the market.

We underwent rapid development to meet the needs of businesses, including becoming the provider of massage therapists for a nation-wide campaign to launch Walkers Sensations Crisps in Asda Stores in the Spring of 2002, with nearly 100 professional therapists working simultaneously around the UK in a single weekend.

The first launch of this website in the winter of 2003/2004 marked another phase of expansion, and the first to offer full online booking facilities for both individuals and businesses. The website maintained further regular updates, and further received a complete redesign in the winter of 2007/2008 as new requirements adapted to the massive changes of accessibility of the world wide web.

We have hundreds of therapists on our books, tens of thousands of clients have been touched by our therapists throughout the UK, and a team of office staff are dedicated to the agency's continued success. Together we are ready to help provide you with the results you are seeking.

With any other questions, do contact us.