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How much would you like a professional massage?

The Therapy Agency was established in order to make finding a professional massage therapist in your local area easy. At your workplace, your event, your pamper party, your local therapy room or clinic, or even in your own home!

Professional Massage Therapies by the Therapy Agency are the best way to go

How much would you appreciate a great onsite massage at your workplace or event?

The Therapy Agency has already been featured in The Independent, on BBC Radio, and in the Positive Health Magazine among other media and leading publications.

We've worked with Tens of Thousands of individual clients around the UK, and have hundreds of major business and event clients on our books.

Extensive training and qualifications by all our registered therapists

When you're putting your health into somebody's hands you need to be sure that they have the skills, knowledge, experience and commitment to ethics that you've a right to expect.

The Therapy Agency provides simple, powerful, proven, and cost-effective ways to reduce stress in the workplace, increase productivity, improve performance, decrease absenteeism, improve morale, and improve staff retention.

Our therapists have also been used to demonstrate appreciation to clients, and to promote businesses by treating prospective clients at trade fairs, sporting events, music festivals, press launches.

Hotels and spas have also successfully used our services, either to temporarily cover staff shortages or as long-term contracts.

1-to-1 massage treatments with our professionals

Tens of Thousands of individuals have experienced the experience and skills of our complementary massage therapists through our national network of carefully selected professionals

Whether you have 5 or 50,000 staff in your business, if you are organising a one-off major event, or a daily staff appreciation and maintainance program, we have the professional massage therapists to satisfy your requirements.

You can view our site map to find your way around, or contact us now for more information.

View The Therapy Agency locations in a larger map on Google Maps.

If you're looking for more information about a range of Complementary Therapy techniques, including details about Complementary Therapies, various types of Massage Therapies and Massage Therapists, including:

  • Indian Head Massage - This effective massage technique, providing a clothed massage of the head, neck & shoulders.
  • Swedish Massage - A full body massage technique, originating from Sweden (hence the name), typically working with massage oils, working across the legs, arms, head, neck, shoulders, stomach, and of course the back. Typically this is a very relaxing treatment, also assisting with Lymphatic drainage (to help the removal of toxins from your body).
  • Full Body Massage - Another name for the Swedish Massage as described above.
  • Onsite Massage - A highly effective clothed massage treatment, carried out on specially designed on-site massage chairs, and ideally suited for the office & workplace environment. Treatments can often be provided in 15-20 minutes.
  • Head Massage - With so much going on in the head, you can probably know how great it feels to have your scalp massaged when getting a shampoo at your favourite hair salon. Having a massage specifically of the head, as you can appreciate, can therefore feel really great! This is normally as part of an Indian Head Massage
  • Onsite Therapies - It's not just on-site massage that can be provided in the workplace. A range of other therapies can be useful to, such as Reflexology, Stress Management training, Minutes a Day workshops, hand massage, can all be great too.
  • Staff Incentives - There are a range of staff incentives available today. Some are great, others are a waste of time and money. The Therapy Agency was set up to provide effective massage solutions which have huge benefits to the chosen company. Some staff put these massage therapies in such high regard, that some companies are now using massage as a focus for staff to reach certain achievable targets in their working day!
  • Therapists - Effective and professional therapists are hard to come by, especially in the current saturation of the market with countless amateur one-day courses that are becoming increasingly popular. The Therapy Agency was established to work through the mass of therapists in the market place, and select only those who have the professionalism, knowledge, skills and personality to properly represent a company that's leading the marketplace.
  • Jobs for Therapists - The Therapy Agency, as an agency, can provide jobs for therapists, by opening up new opportunities throughout the UK, into workplaces, to trade-fairs, at events and road shows, in Therapy Rooms & Clinics, or in people's homes.
  • Therapy Vouchers - With pampering proving increasingly popular, virtually every major 'gift experience' company will use images of massage therapies as one of their key selling images as banners for their in-store displays. Therapy Vouchers were developed to provide effective one-hour long professional therapeutic treatments, to individuals, in more than twice as many locations as any other 'gift experience' company. You can see more about the voucher comparisons here
  • Gift Vouchers - As described above, The Therapy Agency has a range of gift vouchers which can be redeemed against the price of any of their one hour treatments for individuals, throughout the UK.
  • Therapy Rooms - Some therapists will work from Therapy Rooms at their own homes. Sometimes this is a room within their home, and sometimes this is an outhouse, home extension, summerhouse, or similar, that's been set-up specifically to provide the treatments in.
  • Therapy Clinics - Some therapists hire a room in a complementary therapy clinic, doctors surgery, or similar. Therapy Clinics are often shared locations, with a receptionist to manage any bookings (or these can be made directly with the therapist). These locations are often slightly more centrally accessible than a Therapy Room at their home.
  • Health Clinics - Health Clinics are typically locations where a variety of therapists will be working under 'one roof', providing a variety of professional therapy treatments that tend to complement each other, with lots of cross-referrals between therapists.
  • Training Academy - A training academy can provide a range of training options, as part of the 'minutes a day' range of techniques.
  • Therapy Academy - The Therapy Academy currently provides some freely available information on what you can do, to help select a professional therapist in your area.
  • Workplace Therapies - There are a range of therapies that can be providing in your workplace, in particular, the most popular of all workplace therapies is the provision of on-site massage therapies.
  • Therapy Credits - Using The Therapy Agency secure online booking system, staff can now make a full or part payment towards the price of their onsite massage. This is achieved through the purchase of Therapy Credits which can be redeemed online against each massage session. Therapy Credits for each staff account can also be added to by their branch manager, to help subsidise each massage session.
  • Therapy Agency - The Therapy Agency is the leading supplier of professional complementary therapists around the UK. With some of the highest standards of selection in the industry, qualifications, professionalism, experience and knowledge are all checked against tough standards. The Therapy Agency also embraces new technologies such as the internet, to effectively provide online booking facilities for each of our therapists, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Massage Agency - The Massage Agency is the name given to the provision of massage by The Therapy Agency, and provides a page of links to various affiliates and useful contacts within this sector of the complementary therapies.
  • Natural Health Agency - Natural Health is another name for taking a holistic and natural approach to the health and well being of clients. The Therapy Agency does this through a range of healthy living methods, as described on those pages.
  • National Health Agency - The Therapy Agency does focus on health, and the improvement of health, at a national level through England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • Dial A Massage - Dial a Massage is the way to book the Therapy Agency's founder, wherever they travel.
  • Health Clinic - A Health clinic is a location people often may with to travel to, as a way to help to improve their health and well being. This can often be structured approaches to improved health. Many of The Therapy Agency's professionals will be able to assist you with improving your health, through a variety of after-care recommendations, such as postural changes, dietary improvements, and increased water intake, for example.
  • Health Spa - A Health Spa is often thought of as the place like to go to be pampered by a professional therapist. The Therapy Agency has now developed a national provision so that these therapies you'd previously have needed to travel to receive, can now be brought to your own home!


Massage therapies have been shown to:

  • Improve Performance and Productivity By Up to 50%.
    As many as 23% of UK workers suffer from fatigue1 and one in four suffers from work-related stress. When workers suffer, work suffers too. UK employees work the longest hours in Europe, yet are 46% less productive3. A reviving fifteen-minute chair massage has been found to increase speed and accuracy on mathematical computations by up to 50%4. It enhances concentration, creativity and working relationships.
  • Reduce Sickness Absence and Duvet days.
    The CBI reported in 2001 that stress accounts for 70% of all sick leave in the UK5. The Health and Safety Commission put the figure at 13.4 million working days annually attributed to stress6, costing UK businesses between £3.7 billion and £7 billion a year. On-site massage has been clinically proven to reduce stress and studies have found that massage treatments reduce staff absences.
    The second most common cause for absenteeism are skeletal and muscular problems - together they add up to a further 12.3 million lost working days annually. On-site massage is also effective for such problems, focusing on the back, head, neck and shoulders, it improves blood-flow, releasing muscular tension and eye-strain and improving musculo-skeletal structure and function.
  • Reduce Staff-Turnover.
    High staff-turnover is partly a result of work-place stress, illness and injury. It costs between £12,000 and £100,000 to replace a member of staff7, making regular on-site massage an attractive alternative.
  • Improve Corporate Reputation and Attract Prospective Employees.
    On-site massage will also help you to attract high-calibre prospective employees. A recent study by CIPD reports that employees see a clear connection between responsible business practice and a positive impact on the bottom line8. It found that responsible practice can help to attract, motivate and retain a talented and diverse workforce. Employees the provision of services to employees part of responsible business practice.
  • Provide Incentives, Improving Staff Morale and Motivation.
    When employees are surveyed they typically respond very positively to the prospect of on-site massage. The provision of complementary therapies in the workplace demonstrates that they are appreciated and valued. As the UK becomes the first EU country to show an alarming decline in morale and attitudes towards company management9, it is hard to put a price on the loyalty that our service engenders.
  • Comply with Health and Safety Legislation.
    Illness and accidents linked to work-related stress are now the most significant health and safety concern in the UK. In an increasingly litigious culture, companies who provide access to services which can help combat the effects of stress, ill-health and accidents have a much stronger case against any employee's allegations of breach of duty.

If you would like to know more about what on-site massage can do for your bottom line, just ask us for our information booklet, "On-Site Massage: The Financial Benefits".

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The Therapy Massage Agency is pleased to provide massage, swedish massage, and complementary therapies throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and through 'Dial a Massage'.

Please view our 'local area' pages to find your nearest therapists, in the following locations.

Minutes A Day

You can also look to bring the effective business training methods of 'Minutes a Day' into your workplace. A range of professional and accessible techniques to promote well-being, improve self-awareness, and develop understanding.

Just view the website 'minutes a day' for more information.